Chapter 452 - Meeting Mother-in-law?

Chapter 452: Meeting Mother-in-law?

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Fu Jiu never doubted that they would lose this game.

She walked out from the side exit with one hand in the pocket, without even sparing a glance.

Her teammates were still in shock as they looked at the youngster’s back.

Then, they had their eyes back on the screen which was broadcasting the game.

For some baffling reason, Little Spade’s words reminded them of what their Captain once said—You should believe your teammates once they are on the battlefield.

The two always had so much in common that it was staggering.

Fu Jiu didn’t think further for she was really thirsty. She arrived in front of a vending machine only to realize that she didn’t have enough coins in her pocket. All she had was a lollipop.

She unwrapped it with her eyes narrowed and put it in her mouth.

To be so poor to not have the money to buy a chilled Coke. What kind of feeling was this?

However, Fu Jiu had her own way of dealing with the vending machine.

She bent over slightly, with one hand in her pocket as she moved her fingers under the machine.


A Coke was chosen and fell out automatically.

Fu Jiu took it out with a smile, and just as she was about to open it, a friendly female voice rang up from behind. “I didn’t know you could buy things like this.”

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused. Without feeling embarrassed from being caught in the act, she turned back and smiled. “Not like I have a choice. I’m too poor.”

Manager Li: … You once spent 100 yuan on a meatball stick. Have you forgotten? Young master Fu!?

So many people had witnessed Fu Jiu’s behavior as a nouveau riche.

And Manager Li was one of them.

When he saw this kid throwing money like it was water, he felt that the kid was unteachable.

But rather than disliking Fu Jiu, he pitied her more.

If someone needed to spend so much money to be content, how much love and concern did he actually need inside?

But now… when youngster said how poor he was, he didn’t look like he needed any concern from others anymore.

On the contrary, he had a handsomeness exuded from inside out.

Manager Li thought, No wonder Young Master is good friends with him. If it were the former Young Master Fu… he would probably not see eye to eye with Young Master.

Fu Jiu was smart enough to tell that these two were no ordinary people, especially the Madam who was talking to her.

She was elegant, beautiful, and most importantly, had such a stunning smile that made people feel so comfortable.

And she was such an existence that no matter what she wore, they would look like designer clothes.

She stood out no matter what.

There was the saying that a person’s eyes are the least capable of lying.

Fu Jiu believed this, too.

Only, why would this beautiful woman be watching her drink a bottle of Coke?

For she was too handsome? Hardly so.

Fu Jiu stopped and looked over with her bright eyes.

The movie queen smiled, and revealed attractive dimples on both sides of her cheeks. “Ah, you noticed?”

Fu Jiu: … Madam, it’s too obvious for me to pretend to not see it…

The movie queen smiled even more beautifully. “Child, I just didn’t expect that you would look even more handsome up close. I am your fan, can I have a photo with you?”

Fan? No way. She always felt that her fans were all younger than she was… Fu Jiu wiped the corner of her mouth on her sleeve, coughed lightly, and her first reaction was: “Madam, sorry, are you sure you are talking to the right person?”

“How could I be wrong? It’s you!” The movie queen grabbed onto the young man’s arms, and said her ID out slowly word by word, “Spade Z.”