Chapter 453 - Favorability

Chapter 453: Favorability

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Fu Jiu paused. Was she really a fan of her? A fan of Spade?

Probably noticing the meaning behind the youngster’s raised eyebrows, the movie queen directly took out her phone. “You see, I’m playing Hero too. You have once carried me for a round. Since then I’ve become a fan. I have sent a friend request, but you have never approved it. It has saddened me. Was I too lousy that you didn’t want to add me as a friend?”

The movie queen’s acting was really excellent. When she delivered the final line, the look in her beautiful, watery eyes made it impossible for Fu Jiu to reject her request.

“Well, I’m… just not used to adding friends to my list.” It was the first time for Fu Jiu to explain such a thing to others. She even stuttered for a moment and found it embarrassing.

The movie queen was still grumbling when she suddenly said, “Then how about taking a picture together?”

Between playing games and taking a photo, Fu Jiu would rather choose the former. “I’ll carry you instead. I’m not used to taking pictures together with others… unless it’s with the Almighty.”

“Can we play now?” The movie queen looked very excited.

Manager Li coughed heavily behind her in order to remind his madam of their purpose.

They came here for the young master!

However, it was obvious that the movie queen had forgotten it. As a novice to the Hero, It was really a very happy thing to play one more game with Spade Z.

Seeing that the movie queen was about to agree, Manager Li had no choice but to say. “Madam, this sir should still be in the competition, I’m afraid it isn’t appropriate for you to play games with him now, right?”

“Isn’t the 2v2 played by others?” The movie queen didn’t understand so she asked the opinion of the youngster politely. “Do you need to return to the arena?”

Fu Jiu took the phone out and smiled. “No, as long as the Captain is there, we will win.”

“Captain?” Upon hearing her son being finally mentioned, the movie queen said with her lips slightly upward, “It seems that you trust your Captain very much.”

Fu Jiu threw away the empty Coke can, looked back, and smiled. “Almighty Qin is very good at playing and he is also gentle. There’s no problem with him around.”

The movie queen was really unable to feel the gentleness of her son. But no mother would hate it when others praised their sons. So her favorability towards the youngster naturally increased.

“It will be more convenient for us to play games there.” Fu Jiu pointed at a rest area.

The movie queen agreed immediately, “Okay!”

And her smile on her lips didn’t disappear even when she started the game.

Manager Li: “… Madam. Get your head right, shall we? We are here to observe the friend of Young Master’s rather than looking for someone to play games with.”

However, it was obvious that the movie queen’s focus was no longer on that. She was looking at the phone screen very seriously even though she remained elegant.

“Just follow me later. Don’t go beyond the tower for a kill. I’ll go first and let you deliver the last hit. In this way you will get kill.” Fu Jiu operated the game character while advising the person beside her.

The favorability the movie queen had towards the youngster increased once more. No wonder her cold-tempered son would give a special treatment to the person before her and smile more often than before.

It was probably due to the character of the youngster who was thoughtful and considerate of others, which was really rare.

“Retreat, there is someone ahead of you.” Fu Jiu was totally different when she played games. She smiled faintly and her fingers moved very agilely.

Even as a movie queen, she really had the intention of turning into a fan…