Chapter 454 - Finding the Movie Queen Familiar

Chapter 454: Finding the Movie Queen Familiar

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Fu Jiu carried the movie queen and easily took down their opponent’s city.

It took less than five minutes to finish one game.

The more the movie queen looked at the youngster, the more handsome she found him. “Do you have any intention to develop in our circle?”

Fu Jiu didn’t ask which circle she was in; instead, she smiled and said, “I only play esports, not in other circles.”

“You can make more money than what you make in esports now!” The movie queen really wanted to poach her. A person of such bearing would absolutely become popular if he were to enter the entertainment industry. It stemmed from the fact that the way the youngster smiled at her was just too charming.

Fu Jiu hung up her lips. “Madam, I think you might have some misunderstanding towards me. Although part of the reason why I play esports is to make money, another part of the reason is because I like this industry and like the people in this industry even more. I feel very happy every time I see them.”

The movie queen smiled and put away her own mobile phone when she heard the youngster.

At that moment, she thought of her son.

It was clear that the gaming itself was not important to him.

But even if he was hurt, he would insist on taking part in the competition, only because there were members he cared about in the esports arena.

Maybe, this was more important.

Fighting shoulder to shoulder with people one likes is probably to not leave any regrets in one’s youth.

It was no wonder the two men became good friends.

It was because they were very similar in some ways.

“And what if you were made to play esports for free?” The movie queen asked again, considering how the youngster liked esports.

Fu Jiu laughed. “I won’t play. It’s okay to just play for fun, but not for professional games. I am very pragmatic as a person. Whatever I do, I firstly consider survival before development.” With that, she raised her eyes, glanced at the time on the wall clock, and gestured to the movie queen that she needed to return.

The movie queen didn’t stop the youngster, but looked at her back figure, smiling slowly. “What a nice kid. However, no one has ever refused my invitation. Tell me, do you think this kid likes money or not?”

Manager Li thought, and said one sentence, “A gentleman’s pursuit for monetary gains is bound by ethics.”

The movie queen laughed. “I also feel relieved with such a person by Mo’er’s sides. Mo’er probably also likes this kind of person with a bottom line the most.”

Manager Li nodded his head and wanted to remind her of something.

For example…

Madam, don’t you think our young master is too intimate with this Young Master Fu?

And that couple talk… Madam, have you not heard of it?

As a steward, Manager Li still offered a reminder. “The Internet seems to match up our young master with Young Master Fu…”

“That’s normal.” The movie queen thought it was nothing serious. “It’s more common in our entertainment business. People with with good relationships will be matched up into pairs. Besides, the two really seem compatible. Don’t you think so?”

“I…” What was he to say? Manager Li had a feeling of being choked.

But the movie queen said smilingly, “I don’t know when there will be merchandise regarding them. I’ll buy a lot home, to use as eye candy.”

Manager Li: “…”

Fu Jiu herself did not realize that she had left an entirely perfect impression in front of the movie queen.

However, while walking into the esports arena, Fu Jiu had a nagging feeling that the beauty looked a little familiar.

But she just couldn’t remember where she’d seen her before.

But she was really very beautiful, and also well-preserved…

She thought the woman looked familiar, probably because of her penchant for good looks.

With this in her mind, Fu Jiu sat back in her seat.

When she looked at the screen, she realized that the combat situation on their side was on the precipice of danger…