Chapter 455 - The Most Important Person

Chapter 455: The Most Important Person

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1 Kill, 3 Deaths!

Lin Feng had been killed twice.

If he died one more time, the competition rules dictated that he could continue reviving.

Feng Shang’s gritted his teeth as he stammered, “Y-Yun Zhong Team is a bloody nuisance! Th-they only gank Brother Lin Feng.”

Although Fu Jiu had just arrived, she knew what was happening.

If the their opponents chose not to attack the towers and just targeted a person, that was quite a cheese.

Old Jiang scoffed. “It seems like the outcome is in. Supreme Alliance is gonna lose this time.”

The most vicious thing was that the members of the Yun Zhong team was still sending messages at this time. “Lin Feng, are you terrified? Are you hiding under the tower without daring to appear? We already announced that we are in mid lane. Why don’t you dare to come? If you are too scared because of our presence, we can just leave one person here. Do you dare to come?”

Faced with such provocation, Lin Feng’s temper was not something that could have tolerated it.

He always had a fiery temper, and could never tolerate anything.

But at this moment, he had put up with it.

He thought through many things.

Before they came, there were signs that this was their last fight together.

Because they grew up together, he knew how much that person disliked losing.

He disliked losing in fight. Even with his arm bleeding, he would make sure they had the final say in the fight.

Even when someone said he did not know how to play basketball, he threw away what he had at home and went to the basketball court to train for a mouth.

How could such kind of person like losing?

Lin Feng could forever remember that when he was young, he always liked playing in the mud and handling crickets, as well as bully girls at school.

At that time, they were just first-graders in primary school.

That person, with the schoolbag on his back, said coldly to him, “Lin Feng, if you continue being like this, I will stop hanging out with you.”

Lin Feng was angry. “Why?”

Did he do something wrong?

“I don’t like to be with idiots.” That person swept him an extremely cold glance.

In order to prove that he was no idiot, Lin Feng began to work hard and didn’t hang out with others randomly.

He learned everything that person learned.

From the beginning, it was like this.

Later, he understood that everyone had their pride.

For an important person, one shouldn’t force them to do something they didn’t like.

For an important person, one shouldn’t make them lose.

Lin Feng moved his fingers and restored his HP fully before charging down the bottom lane.

North of Yin Mountain set off at the same time and took mid lane.

It was as though they had decided on a plan prior.

They were to act separately!

Besides, what surprised the Yun Zhong Team was that Lin Feng had taken the bottom lane instead of rushing to the mid lane in a huff.

One had to know that their strategy had been honed by targeting Lin Feng’s temper. It was solely to finish him.

But when faced with North of Yin Mountain, this method was useless!

And it was indeed useless. North of Yin Mountain managed to hold them up in the mid lane.

At the bottom lane, Lin Feng quickly and precisely took down the second defense tower before heading for the third tower.

“Return to defend!”

The members of the Yun Zhong team shouted.

One of the two had no choice but to head to the bottom lane to intercept Lin Feng.

However, North of Yin Mountain streaked across the person’s back and cast his Ultimate ability.


2 Kills, 3 Deaths!

There was only one person left from the Yun Zhong team for the time being.

At the moment he heard the sound effect, Lin Feng swiftly turned around. With an extremely beautifully executed orbwalk, he avoided the pursuit until he met up with North of Yin Mountain in the jungle. He immediately cast a stun on his opponent.

Then North of Yin Mountain cast his Ultimate again.

It was a perfect assist!

Double-kill. Team annihilated!