Chapter 456 - The Almighty Takes The Stage

Chapter 456: The Almighty Takes The Stage

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“It’s hard for the Yun Zhong team to make a comeback now,” Shoutcaster Zhang stroked his chin and said.

But Old Jiang didn’t think so. “You don’t forget that it is Supreme Alliance which has the highest number of deaths. If Lin Feng dies again, it means North of Yin Mountain will be the only one left. Although North of Yin Mountain has good skills, he is a veteran and won’t be able to do much himself. That’s why they will definitely not continue their push.”

However, Old Jiang’s words ended up smacking his face again.

Because Lin Feng and North of Yin Mountain continued pillaging the bottom lane and began their attack on the tower!

The tables turned in just a short minute!

It left everyone feeling anxious for Supreme Alliance!

As the two members of the Yun Zhong team didn’t die at the same time, they revived one after another.

The one who revived first would be sending himself to his death if he left the city because he was completely no match against two.

However, he could not just hide in the city and watch.

But it was not ok to just look at them and not go out.

So they could only skillfully pinpoint Lin Feng’s weakness and try to get him killed first.

Lin Feng was easy to be rash when playing games, so as long as someone got close to him, they could kill him!

But this time, the person found himself wrong.

Lin Feng actually retreated and relegated the main offensive to North of Yin Mountain, and then he assisted by delivering stunning spells!


3 Kills, 3 Deaths!

The city was being attacked!

Supreme Alliance attained perfect victory!

The one who had previously mentioned about wanting to kill Lin Feng one more time stared blankly at his monitor.

He looked at his character which had just revived, but the word “DEFEAT” immediately turned his face pale.

The shoutcaster, Old Jiang, finally shut up for good this time!

Fans could no longer help but give a round of applause.

But they were not the fans of Supreme Alliance but of Yun Zhong.

It had to be said that the match was fought very interestingly.

Not only North of Yin Mountain, but Lin Feng had also charged forward time and time again.

Such scenes left ardor and zeal pumping through the vessels of anyone who saw the match!

Perhaps they came under a different camp,but it did not stop them from feeling respect for the winning team.

Obviously, today’s Lin Feng was different. He looked really cool in his uniform.

The first thing he did after he stood up was to look at Yun Hu with a big smile plastered over his good-looking face, like a most innocent child.

However, he felt that Yun Hu’s expression looked odd.

What happened?

He had won, so why did he still have that unhappy look on his face?

“Hey, you…” Without finishing the words, Yun Hu dragged him over and said in a deep voice. “Watch, I’ll kill them in the same manner as whatever they said to you.”

Hearing that, Lin Feng exclaimed, “Nice, bro!”

Fu Jiu shook her head. Lin Feng was just too slow. It was impossible for Yun Hu’s dream to come true.

However, those were not important at all.

The most important thing was that Qin Mo was going to be up next!

Everyone was waiting for this moment.

Did Qin Mo’s hand recover completely?

Would he demonstrate his beautiful and peerless skills like before?

All the cameras were focused on him.

They watched as Qin Mo stood up. His handsome face immediately caused people to scream.

Actually, Supreme Alliance had tolerated for far too long.

Ever since they arrived at the venue, they had been looked down by the shoutcaster in every aspect.

Because of this, Supreme Alliance decided to put an end to this nonsense.

What’s more, it was Qin Mo. He was someone who did not permit his “younger brother” from suffering any form of bullying.

Almost the entire arena could sense the aura from Qin Mo.

It was quite different from the one when he was sitting in his seat.

Before he was more like an elegant military advisor that didn’t exude any sharpness.

But now, he was more like a demon deacon that crawled out of comics with extremely great bloodlust!