Chapter 457 - Almighty Qin Stirs Up The Atmosphere

Chapter 457: Almighty Qin Stirs Up The Atmosphere

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Playing 5v5 was quite different from the previous two matches.

The members of Supreme Alliance sat there in one line, looking indescribably handsome.

They put on their headphones simultaneously and tested their keyboards.

Such a scene was really something one could only see at a esports competition.

Fans could no longer hold back their excitement.

The handsome face of Almighty Qin on the screen was enough to stir the hearts of people.


He said only one word.

With the game’s sound effect marking the beginning of the game, all members of Supreme Alliance began moving forward.

Feng Shang and COCO took top and bottom lane respectively.

Yun Hu and Fatty took mid lane together.

Qin Mo did not take any main lanes as he assisted in killing.

It was only less than two minutes into the game!

Old Jiang, who had previously said that Supreme Alliance was bound to lose, was already silent.

Members of the Yunzhong team died one after another.

They could even be described as being too weak to stand up to the competition.

Actually, the Yun Zhong team’s abilities were not that terrible; however, they had underestimated the opponents by way too much.

Lin Xiao had been set out for the 1v1.

Two elites were sent out for the 2v2.

The rest of the team battle… Even if Ling Xiao was part of the lineup for the Yun Zhong team, it would still need two people to hold back Qin Mo.

Moreover, Ling Xiao was not in the lineup. He was sitting on the bench; his whole face pale. His hands hung to his sides as they were clenched very tightly.

Team annihilated!

When the crushing sound of defeat boomed, the eyes of the Yun Zhong team members turned vacant.

The way Supreme Alliance played this time seemed deliberate.

It was mainly due to a command from the Almighty—just three words—”Kill them all.”

No one could resist bloodthirst.

It was as though a statement was being made. Didn’t you say that we only know how to hide? Didn’t you say that we were only wusses?

Then let’s crush you face to face this time!

The five people really did it with their hands moving at breakneck speed.

On Yun Zhong team’s side, they feared Qin Mo the most, so they sent out three persons to surround him.


It was impossible for Qin Mo to not lose HP.

However, just as he lost some HP…


One of his opponents was killed.


A second opponent died.

The third person remained, chasing Qin Mo’s character who was low on health all the way. Just when he thought he could kill Qin Mo, he saw Qin Mo deliver a Ultimate which stunned him. Then, he turned around and consumed a potion to restore his HP. Then, sword shadows swirled in a beautiful storm.

If Fu Jiu’s playing style was determined by her APM, Qin Mo’s skillfulness came from his orbwalk which no one could see clearly. The only thing they knew was that it left a trail of destruction.

Light bloomed around him as it nearly filled the screen.

The last person from Yun Zhong fell heavily.

The sound of stirring blood rang once again!


Qin Mo stood there with little HP left, but there was still some remnant silver light on his armor.

What he had just pulled of was something any fan familiar with Qin Mo would know—Three Thousand Knife Cutting.

It was Three Thousand Knife Cutting in the truest form of the phrase!

The original reason why people would use this name to describe the playing style of Qin Mo was because he was the only one who could do this in an esports competitions—even with little HP left, he could still deliver a triple-kill!


All the fans in the venue stood up.

As though they had been stirred, they kept shouting one name in unison—”Qin Mo!”

It was not only in the venue, but the number of hits on the online platform had also exceeded 100 million!

Old Jiang, who had said that Qin Mo would probably degenerate because of his injury, blushed red having his face slapped red.

There was no need to mention the Yun Zhong team. They had no way to recover from the setback dealt to them.

Supreme Alliance won outright!

When Qin Mo killed the last person, he took off his headphones and gave a sidelong glance. Amid his messy black hair, he said, “We can not only attack towers, but also kill people.”