Chapter 458 - A Long Sweet Hug

Chapter 458: A Long Sweet Hug

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Those words were truly a solid slap on the face.

The members of the Yun Zhong team were so embarrassed that they couldn’t even raise their heads up.

There was no need to talk about Shoutcaster Jiang from how he wished that he could disappear when the camera was trained on him.

In fact, after the 2v2 match, Supreme Alliance had already won.

Previously, it could be claimed that losses were due to the underestimation of the enemy or that it was Supreme Alliance’s strategy.

Now, there was nothing that could be said.

They were team annihilated three times.

Supreme Alliance didn’t even leave them a chance to counterattack.

The audience who claimed that there was nothing of value in the match were all silent now.

Their eyes were wavering, truly at a loss for words.

This was only a regional match and Supreme Alliance already performing at such a level.

What about later?

How would they be like?

Naturally, everyone was looking forward to their next match!

Perhaps this was why Qin Mo was titled the most valuable esports gamer.

The way he played every time tugged at the hearts of everyone.

Fu Jiu just stood there.

At that moment, she thought the Almighty was ridiculously handsome for some reason.

Yup, she admitted it for that short moment.

She admitted that he was more handsome than she was.

Perhaps for the Almighty’s side profile always gave off a faint heroic vibe with his cut features.

No one around Fu Jiu was ever like this. To put it in words… No matter what he did, he looked like a scholar.

Even though he was handsome like the devil tricking people into signing their souls away, he was filled with righteousness like a hero.

Fu Jiu realized that perhaps that was the difference between her and the Almighty.

A person like the Almighty who could appear so resolute was truly rare.

He exuded a blinding righteous glow from his entire body.

Fu Jiu laughed out. If it was the past her, it was impossible for her to acquaint herself with the Almighty.

Because from a particular aspect, she did not wish to encounter such a person.

Feeling envious, but never to become that.

For she was destined to live in the darkness.

“How much longer are you going to stand there for? Are you not going to hug me?” Qin Mo walked up to the youngster and gave a faint smile. “Shocked to tears by my handsomeness?”

Fu Jiu suddenly found that smile familiar. She bared her white teeth and said, “Yup, so handsome, that I’m gonna cry, Brother Mo, if you don’t mind me asking, do you have any female cousins?”

“Nope.” Qin Mo’s eyes were emotionless. “Why?”

Fu Jiu smiled. “If you have a female cousin or similar, introduce me. I will marry her home. Even if she just looks a little like you, she will definitely be pretty.”

“Omg… Little Spade, I gotta give it to you, no one kisses ass better than you do.” Lin Feng walked over. “This not how you flatter Captain, alright? Where is your dignity?”

However, Qin Mo didn’t look flattered at all.

Marry her home?

As long as it was a girl, he would marry her home?

Qin Mo looked at the youngster and felt his chest turn heavy. He rapped youngster’s head in the end and said, “I’m asking you to hug me, get it?”

“Yup, a hug.” Fu Jiu lifted her lips and opened her arms, hugging Qin Mo in a very handsome manner. “Brother Mo, we won.”

Qin Mo agreed tersely; all he could smell was the vanilla lollipop scent on the youngster, so rich that when he had his hands on the youngster’s back, he couldn’t bear to let go. Perhaps it was because it was too comfortable, like the softness of a blanket after being sun dried. He wanted to keep it that way.

Fu Jiu was a bit stiff in that position. She thought that it was only going to be a quick hug; after all, that was how her teammates did it previously.

She knew that the Almighty didn’t mean anything else.

For the Almighty hugged her like a brother.

But she really couldn’t have her chest too close to the Almighty…