Chapter 459 - Mom, Why Are You Here?

Chapter 459: Mom, Why Are You Here?

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Luckily, it was winter.

Fu Jiu had bound her chest and she was wearing her uniform on top of that. As long as it wasn’t too close, it would be fine.

Qin Mo also noticed that he was hugging the youngster for a little too long, but he didn’t let go. Only when couples fans started taking pictures like crazy did he finally pushed the youngster away.

But just that scene was enough to let those girls write a whole novel in their heads.

They wanted to ask so badly, Almighty Qin, you sure you guys weren’t being all lovey-dovey?

Now they had more materials for merchandise!

Having won the first match this beautifully, they obviously had to celebrate.

And this was completely compatible with Manager Feng’s wealthy character.

They made a reservation at the biggest hotel restaurant in Lin City.

As Qin Mo needed to deal with some company issues, he could only arrive late.

Xue Yaoyao was sitting next to Fu Jiu, and the room was filled with the Supreme Alliance members. It was rather rowdy in the beginning when the door was opened. First, a waiter came in while treating the person behind him with utmost respect as he led the guest in.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows upon seeing the person. Wasn’t she… the Madam she had met earlier at the vending machine?

In nearly a split second, Fu Jiu noticed the change of atmosphere in the room.

She couldn’t name what was it, but Lin Feng’s hand froze as he drank some red wine. Yun Hu also ended up sitting up straight.

It’s like primary school kids seeing their form teacher… Fu Jiu looked over. What’s happening?

“I knew they were here.” The movie queen said and smiled at Fu Jiu elegantly. “Almighty, we meet again!”


After hearing the word “the Almighty,” Lin Feng couldn’t hold it in and began coughing incessantly!

He tried to signal Fu Jiu with his eyes subconsciously, as if he was asking—how do you know my goddess?

Why is my goddess calling you Almighty!?

Fu Jiu couldn’t read his thoughts at all. She stood up casually with a polite attitude. “Madam, I’m sorry, I don’t know why you’re here, but this is a private gathering for my team and we don’t want to be disturbed. I won’t be able to carry you in a game for now.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he pulled at Fu Jiu’s sleeve. His meaning was clear—sit the f*ck down, now!

Fu Jiu kept her eyebrows lifted. Had she been rude?

“Movie Queen! She’s the Movie Queen” Lin Feng tried to remind Fu Jiu.

The movie queen started laughing herself. “As expected of Spade Z, ever so unique in personality. Say, are you sure you don’t want to join my industry? We have way more beautiful people in my industry than the esports industry. You don’t have a girlfriend, do you? I can help introduce you. With your face and with your present gaze, it’s perfect!”

“I…” Before Fu Jiu could finish her sentence, Lin Feng interrupted. “He says he will think about it!”

Fu Jiu: … Is this how you sell out a teammate? Huh?

Unexpectedly, Yun Hu didn’t stop Lin Feng. Why?

In fact, Yun Hu didn’t stop Lin Feng because he knew things that Lin Feng didn’t know of.

He heard about the movie queen’s background a little from his parents…

Only, how could he alert Little Spade?

Plus, would Captain allow him to mention this matter?

Most important of all, how did Little Spade get to know her?

They were like two parallel lines.

Just as Yun Hu frowned, the movie queen tried harder. “Don’t worry, acting won’t take you away from gaming. You can return when you wish to game…”

At this second, a voice from the door interrupted the movie queen. It sounded indifferent. “Mom, why are you here?”