Chapter 46

Chapter 46: CEO Qin, Do You Really Think Fu Jiu Is Spade Z?

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Sitting in the “rooftop garden,” COCO and Fatty didn’t know what had happened in the restroom.

The two of them were still eating with their heads down when they realized CEO Qin had spent too much time in the restroom.

Fatty frowned and asked, “Did something happen?”

COCO didn’t pay attention. “What can happen? That guy is thinking of sleeping with Captain all the time.”

“CO…CO!” Fatty put down the fork and knife in his hand and pointed towards behind COCO with his mouth twitching.

The sensitive COCO immediately noticed an abnormal coldness coming from behind him. Instantly, his voice rose an octave as he swiftly switched topics, “Think about it, is our captain that easy to sleep with? Our captain likes girls, not gays like him!”

Whew. Luckily, he didn’t say “If he continues to be like this, I’m worried that captain will become gay because of him” out loud!

That was really close!

COCO wiped off the sweat on his forehead.

Qin Mo’s expression didn’t change or became warmer just because he changed his choice of words. On the contrary, ever since he walked in, the whole room seemed to freeze like an iceberg.

The surrounding chill was beyond imagination.

COCO felt as if he had fallen into an ice cellar. That iciness, which made people feel cold from the bottom of their hearts, undoubtedly came from CEO Qin.

He turned his head and signaled towards Fatty with his eyes, Why did Captain’s eyes change to this after using the restroom? It feels like he wants to murder someone.

Fatty shook his head, How would I know! Don’t talk! Don’t let Boss stare at you!

The two of them automatically sat back, and their CEO’s dark and evil voice loomed over the top of their heads, “Ten more lobsters for him. Big ones.”

Not to mention Fatty and COCO, even the waiter standing beside them asked, “More?”

But, the CEO’s words were decrees!

Even though the whole thing was bizarre and wasn’t anything like CEO’s style at all!

After all, having all these lobsters in one’s stomach wouldn’t feel very comfortable…

After the waiter walked out, Fatty thought about it and questioned, “CEO Qin, do you really think Fu Jiu is Spade Z? Why do I find this person odd?”

“He’s gay, and a gay’s world is like this,” COCO said something for Fu Jiu and added, “But he is a little different from the Fu family black sheep that I used to know of. Wasn’t he a little that before?”

“Little that?” Fatty was a homebody who didn’t know anything.

COCO counted with his fingers. “A nymphomaniac; ostentatious; tasteless; a typical nouveau riche, but he didn’t harm anybody. It’s just that with his gestures and temperament, nobody liked him. Plus, he was gay, so people ostracized him.”

“But he is still gay, and he wants to sleep with…” Fatty replied to him and then stopped himself abruptly!

Qin Mo was playing around with the lighter between his fingers. He raised his eyebrow coldly. “He wants to sleep with who? Why did you stop? Mm?”

“Sleep… sleep… sleep…” Fatty couldn’t find a better word as he was already in too deep for tears, “Sleep with… me?”

“You?” Qin Mo spun the lighter, and his fingers paused!

And then his voice became even colder like an unsheathed sword, filled with lethal force. “He can’t do that, your face won’t cut it.”

Fatty: “…” Why was his CEO lambasting his looks even after he sacrificed himself!?