Chapter 460 - This is too Awkward

Chapter 460: This is too Awkward

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It was Qin Mo.

Having come from a business conference, he was still in a suit, with a black coat with fur collars. He cocked his head sideways, looking even more regal than ever.

As soon as he said “Mom,” Fu Jiu froze up.

Almighty called her what?



It wasn’t only Fu Jiu, all the members except Yun Hu had a look as though they had been hit by lightning.

The movie queen is the Captain’s mother?


They looked more like they were brother and sister.

The movie queen looked really young, nothing like someone with a son in his twenties!

In fact, the movie queen had married at a young age and had Qin Mo early. Furthermore, she had taken good care of herself, so her skin condition was great, so in the eyes of others, she looked only barely thirty. No one would imagine her to already be a mother!

Fu Jiu’s smile looked very stiff. To put it in words… The Almighty’s mother being her fan… was too awkward!

Movie Queen An didn’t think much of it. Despite being caught by her son, she grabbed her fingers around Fu Jiu’s arm. “I came to cheer you on and visit the Almighty who carries me in games.”

“The Almighty that carries you in games?” Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows and looked over to the embarrassed youngster.

Fu Jiu felt like dying at that moment. Those beautiful eyes of hers were sending out a message in silence: Brother Mo, I really didn’t know that she’s your mother.

When Qin Mo saw the youngster’s expression, he curled up the corners of his lips.

Fu Jiu kept her eyebrows lifted with the meaning: Quick save my ass.

Despite enjoying to see the youngster in such an awkward state, Qin Mo could not allow for the situation to continue for too long as elder brother.

“Beauty An, your Almighty will not be able to join your industry. He is my teammate.”

The movie queen truly felt that her son was too cold and not as handsome as the youngster. Therefore, she didn’t let go of Fu Jiu. “Almighty, contact me anytime if you ever change your mind.”

Manager Li felt a bit awkward too; after all, Madam was stealing talent right under the young master’s nose so openly. It wasn’t… nice.

The Supreme Alliance teammates looked at each other and chose to remain silent and fade into the background.

Fu Jiu laughed lightly and rejected, “Auntie, I’m sorry, I’m not interested in the entertainment industry.”

With Fu Jiu saying this, Movie Queen An realized that she couldn’t convince her. She naturally didn’t want to force Fu Jiu but found it a huge pity. “Alright then, there will be chances in the future, but those aren’t important now. As your fan, I’m already so happy to be this close to you. By the way, you are really handsome. Once the merchandise is out, tell me. I’ll get someone to order 999 sets.”

Fu Jiu: … Why do I feel that the Almighty’s family members do things in a rather extravagant manner?

“Come on, you don’t have to be tense.” Movie Queen An continued, smiled and her dimples showed, making her look extremely elegant. “I’ll only be here for a while and won’t disturb your meal.”

Lin Feng said instantly, “It’s really okay if you want to stay for the meal!”

Movie Queen An said very obligingly, “Then I will stay.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

But, now she finally knew where did her the Almighty get his manners from.

Even when saying something like that, his mother still looked otherworldly beautiful. That elegance was exuding from inside out.

From the looks of it, the Almighty got most of his good looks from the movie queen.

The movie queen was easy to get along with.

Except one thing…