Chapter 461 - Taking Him Home

Chapter 461: Taking Him Home

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She loved giving people things!

“As soon as I saw you, I felt that the male outfit I brought back from the Paris Fashion Show suits you perfectly, I will get someone to deliver it to the Fu family; you have to wear it!”

Movie Queen An was still grabbing Fu Jiu’s hand, and all she could do was turn her body slightly to seek the Almighty’s help.

But this time, not only didn’t the Almighty save her, but he even said in a teasing tone, “We don’t have any matches in the next two days. You can get him to sleep at our place and dress him up however you want.”

Fu Jiu: … I’m not a Barbie doll! What do you mean dress me up however she wants? Almighty, you can’t set your teammate up like this.

Qin Mo allowed the youngster to glare at him without feeling one bit guilty. Since he couldn’t sleep well without him, why not think of way to take him home?


Fu Jiu could clearly tell how much Movie Queen An’s eyes brightened.

But Fu Jiu just couldn’t accept getting dressed up in whatever manner possible.

This was because she would ultimately have to take off her clothes… And how could a girl like her take her clothes off at the Almighty’s house?

Fu Jiu was thinking of excuses to reject the idea.

Upon seeing this, Xue Yaoyao didn’t care for the repercussions and said, “Highness Jiu promised me to help me with something, she won’t have time the next two days.”

When Qin Mo heard that, his tea cup-holding hand paused.

Then there came the youngster’s voice, accompanied with a light chuckle. “Yup, we made plans already, Auntie, let’s do a rain check next time!”

Lin Feng was intrigued. “Little Spade, what on earth are you and Sister Yao planning? Why act so mysterious!?”

Fu Jiu had no idea either, but she didn’t show it. On the contrary, she lifted her eyebrows and gave Lin Feng four words: “None of your business.”

Upon hearing those four words, Qin Mo’s good-looking eyebrows knitted, and it was obvious to him that Fu Jiu didn’t intend to tell him what she and Xue Yaoyao were doing.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and rapped the table with his fingers. “You are going on a date! I’m going to get a date, too!”

“Sure, if you can find one,” Fu Jiu said and swept her gaze at Yun Hu, realizing that he was not reacting at all. If not for his eyes looking deeper than usual, Fu Jiu might have been mistaken that he felt nothing.

But Lin Feng really meant it when he said he wanted a date.

Tomorrow was Sunday, a rare off day.

He really wanted to find someone to date, watch a movie or something. It wasn’t only him; perhaps all the single guys on the team shared the same idea.

Lin Feng was right about this.

Qin Mo knew his players well, too; he just didn’t expect the youngster to go on a date with someone alone.

And of course, no one noticed that when Qin Mo getting more food, he snapped a piece of vegetable stock in half due to his excessive strength.

He knew it wasn’t right to try to possess Fu Jiu..

And he told himself that he shouldn’t treat his younger brother like his own possession.

Qin Mo couldn’t help thinking that perhaps he should make a pair of handcuffs and shackles to lock someone up.

“Sigh, I really envy all of you.” The way the movie queen held her jaw with her hand looked really pretty. “I wish I could be back in high school again, then I can date, not like Mo’er. He doesn’t even know what dating is, with not a single girl near him. Even a parent like me can’t enjoy knowing that her son is secretly in love.”

Facing such lampooning, Qin Mo only said one word, “Troublesome.”

He found girls troublesome?

Fu Jiu took a sip of her tea.

From the looks of it, the Almighty really didn’t like girls getting near him.

This is quite a thorny situation…