Chapter 462 - Almighty Qin Is Jealous

Chapter 462: Almighty Qin Is Jealous

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Even when they finished the meal, Lin Feng still remained curious. Failing to get anything from Fu Jiu, he turned to ask Xue Yaoyao.

Looking at her hands, Xue Yaoyao hid the mood in her eyes and said, “It’s nothing. With my mother’s remarriage, I have a new elder brother having his birthday. And I wanted to invite Fu Jiu to go with me.”

Actually, Xue Yaoyao didn’t want to mention this matter. Those words were said to help Fu Jiu out.

But since it had already been said, she decided that they might as well do it together.

But… she had no idea whether Highness Jiu would agree or not.

With this in mind, Xue Yaoyao looked towards Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu hooked her lips up, lifted her hands, and ruffled her head. “It’s my honor to be the guardian of Yaoyao.”

“Little Spade, enough with your flirting. Do it again to Sister Yao, and see if I will suppress you with force.” Lin Feng felt that Fu Jiu was men’s common enemy from the beginning, because no man could understand girls so well!

The more the movie queen watched the hubbub here, the more she thought these children were good. With a smile by the corner of her lips, she was just about to turn around to ask her son something when she saw a cold side profile. Her beautiful eyes looked shocked. “What’s wrong?”

It was only then did Qin Mo realize something. He retracted his gaze from the youngster, and said with an indifferent voice, “Nothing.”

The movie queen looked over again, and didn’t find anything problematic as well. However, she noticed something. “I heard that Yaoyao will be attending a birthday party tomorrow. It’s her elder brother of her new family. If I remember correctly, the Jiang family will be having a party tomorrow… It can’t be that coincidental, right?”

Hearing that, Qin Mo also looked towards Xue Yaoyao, silently. He was never interested in the situation of others even though he had already basically confirmed that she was the step-sister of Jiang Zuo. He had no interest in continuing the topic…

The movie queen looked at the youngster again and then looked at her son, suddenly expecting better from her son. “You should learn a little from Little Jiu in the future. See, how well-liked he is by a girl.”

By the side, Manager Li said in low voice, “Madam, have you forgotten that our Young Master is also well-liked by many girls.”

But what caught Manager Li by surprise was Qin Mo’s sentence which was delivered with a little grumpiness, “Soon, he will know that girls aren’t so good.”

The movie queen didn’t think much of it. The more she looked at the youngster, the more she liked him. “No girls will be bad towards him. But he is rather compatible with Yaoyao. I can tell that he is good to Yaoyao. As Captain, you shouldn’t be so strict. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Don’t let them be training all the time. Let him have time to date occasionally.”


Upon hearing that, the light in Qin Mo’s eyes darkened.

Only now did he notice that the girl that youngster treated nicely was different from when he first met her.

Though she wasn’t much thinner now, she had lost quite a bit of weight compared to before.

She had a round face which the youngster always liked to touch.

Qin Mo squinted his eyes. The coldness from his body didn’t reduce even after the movie queen left.

The movie queen had specially said one sentence to Fu Jiu before she left, “You must come to our place in the future.”

Fu Jiu wanted to say that she had already been to it before. But in order to avoid further trouble, she just nodded and said smilingly, “Okay.”

The more the movie queen saw her face, the more she found it regretful. Fu Jiu was obviously someone who deserved being in the entertainment business.Whatever, I’ll just leave Fu Jiu to my son…