Chapter 463 - Wanting to Rear The Almighty

Chapter 463: Wanting to Rear The Almighty

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For some baffling reason, Fu Jiu had the nagging feeling that the Almighty’s coldness returned after the meal.

However, when she looked at him carefully, the Almighty hooked up his lips towards her. He smiled lazily, which looked pretty nice and handsome. So she reckoned that it would be fine.

Fu Jiu confirmed that the Almighty was fine when she received a phone call from him the next day when she was back in Jiang City.

“Come out.” Two simple words were said, in full accordance with the Almighty’s style.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows up. “Brother Mo, you can’t be…”

It was like he knew what the youngster was asking as Qin Mo responded tersely, “I’m outside your place.”

Hearing that, Fu Jiu didn’t waste any time. Hanging up the phone, she went out directly without wearing a mask. But the weather was very cold.

As it had been snowing since dawn, the ground outside had been covered with a layer of silvery white.

Such a scene could only be shown in comics, with snow-laden pines and cypresses.

Yet Qin Mo was just standing there beside the Hummer, dressed in a black windbreaker while showing his slim legs. There was a cigarette between his slim fingers. After he saw Fu Jiu, he hooked up his eyebrows and said with a pleasant magnetic voice, “What are you looking at? Come over here quickly.”

“I am admiring your beauty, Brother Mo.” Fu Jiu whistled with her hand in the pocket. “That pose from before was really cool.”

Qin Mo looked at the youngster before his eyes. That face was still beautiful and handsome. But today Fu Jiu appeared to have dressed more carefully than before. Her silver and short hair was tidy. Obviously, today was very special to the youngster.

The more Fu Jiu acted this way, the more he felt he needed to do something.

But, Qin Mo was always a person who never showed his emotions.

Even though he had some plans, there were no changes to his gaze.

But Fu Jiu didn’t know what he was thinking, and shook her fingers in front of him.

Qin Mo held out his hands and caught hers. When he looked at the youngster’s face again, he found her really likable. As she was afraid of the cold, her nose was a little pink, making her look even smaller.

“Why didn’t you bring your mask?”

“As soon as I heard that you were here, I came out in a rush and didn’t bring it along.”

It had to be said that Qin Mo did feel happy when he heard this reason. He leaned to one side in the car and took a mask out. “Put it on.”

“Is this yours?” Fu Jiu took it and had a look.

Qin Mo responded tersely and stubbed out the cigarette. “Why? Do you dislike it?”

“Nope.” Fu Jiu put the mask on and said with a muffled voice, “Just asking.”

Qin Mo held out his hands to help the youngster adjust the position of the mask.

Fu Jiu really thought such a handsome face was so tempting when he got too close to her.

If this continued on, she really wanted to rear the Almighty.

“Get on.”

“Where are we going?”

“To buy you sweets. Didn’t you finish them all?”

Fu Jiu had never expected that the Almighty would remember something like this. Even his eyes were smiling when getting into the car.


“I have an appointment with Yaoyao at noon.”

Hearing that, Qin Mo’s hands on the steering wheel paused. With darkened eyes, he said, “I know.”

The Almighty knows about it?

That’s good.

After the Almighty took her to buy the sweets, she could bid him farewell and meet up with Yaoyao.

The lass looked very preoccupied, so it was likely that the birthday party wasn’t something that simple.

But, it turned out that that wasn’t the case.

Firstly, when they were purchasing the sweets, the Almighty consulted a professional about the taste and if it would cause decayed teeth, which was bound to take a little time

Later, the Almighty got her to accompany him for a meal.

In the end…