Chapter 464 - Black-bellied Almighty Qin

Chapter 464: Black-bellied Almighty Qin

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Looking at the table of dishes and people around her, Fu Jiu was never told by the Almighty that having something light involved entertaining business partners for extended periods of time.

Qin Mo just sat beside Fu Jiu. It was more like someone wanted to cooperate with the Qin Group instead of calling it entertaining business partners. Therefore, the mood wasn’t that solemn.

On the contrary, those people thought more highly of Fu Jiu than before in the way they treated her.

How could they not?

This was the beginning steps of Boss Qin rearing this younger brother of his.

Who could provoke someone from the Qin Family?

Compare to a group of middle-aged men, Qin Mo did appear very striking. He was 1.9 meters tall, elegant and noble. When he rolled up his sleeves, he revealed his fair wrists. He would pick some food for the youngster from time to time.

Although Fu Jiu had a good appetite, she knew how to control herself. Besides, she had an appointment to keep. Looking up, she whispered, “Brother Mo, that’s enough. I can’t eat so much.”

“You are still in puberty or are you telling me that climbing over a wall with a height of 1.7m is easier?” Qin Mo’s faint words struck it where it hurt.

Fu Jiu lowered her head and stuffed a mouthful of food into her mouth.Everything was for her height!

But after finishing the mouthful, she was still thinking about the time.

The bosses nearby said with light smile, “Boss Qin is really nice to his brother.”

“He is still young, so he definitely needs to be watched. He doesn’t exude any masculinity looking like that.” Qin Mo’s facial features were beautiful and deep. Actually he was young too, but he behaved very staidly. It left the other bosses laugh as they shared their experiences of disciplining their younger brothers.

Fu Jiu cocked her head and listened before looking at her mobile phone once again.

Time was really tight.

Fu Jiu was afraid that Xue Yaoyao turned anxious from waiting. She then lowered her eyes and sent a Wechat message: “Where are you now? I’ll go directly.”

Since Qin Mo was sitting beside Fu Jiu, he obviously noticed the youngster’s actions. With his nicely sculpted high nose, he turned his head, a glass of red wine in hand, and looked towards the youngster.

When he realized who the youngster was sending the message to, his long and narrow eyes suddenly turned deep and cold.

Qin Mo didn’t show his change. All he did was grip the glass in his hand tightly. As he twirled the wine in his glass, he was like a devil mixing blood.

After Fu Jiu received the address, she calculated the time and said, “Brother Mo, continue eating first. I’m quite far from where Yaoyao stays. I need to set off early.”

There was no emotion on Qin Mo’s face, and he just said indifferently, “Okay.”

Yet, when the youngster rose, Qin Mo’s eyes turned ice-cold.

The people beside him noticed it as one of them said right away, “Young Master Jiu, I think it’s best you don’t leave first. Boss Qin seems to have drunk a lot today. Furthermore, he drove here, so how is he to return if you leave?”

Fu Jiu stopped in her footsteps, seemingly hesitant.

Qin Mo lifted his eyes and arched his handsome eyebrows. “It’s no big deal. My stomach happens to be uncomfortable. When the meal is over, I will get someone to pick me up.”

It would be nothing if the Almighty hadn’t said that.

After he said that, Fu Jiu sent a message again right away: ” You pick your clothes first, and I will come later.”

After sending the message, Fu Jiu placed her mobile phone into her pocket and said to Qin Mo, “Let’s go back right now and get you some medicine.”

The typical person wouldn’t dare interfere in Boss Qin’s affairs.

After these bosses listened to what the youngster said, they realized that they should be careful about their behavior when around this foppish scion.

After all, Boss Qin didn’t show any signs of anger yet. Instead, he said to them, “My little brother is so domineering. You guys continue; I’ll be heading back first.”