Chapter 465 - The Almighty Claims to Have A Stomachache...

Chapter 465: The Almighty Claims to Have A Stomachache…

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Those bosses obviously wouldn’t disagree, so they politely suggested Qin Mo to have a good rest at home.

But they also muttered in their heart that it was not like Qin Mo’s usual style. After all, he hadn’t drunk too much and he was not the kind of person who could fall drunk with just a bottle.

How could he say that his stomach felt uncomfortable having only drank one cup of alcohol today?

It was probably an excuse for something that had cropped up at home.

However, Boss Qin was a man who never made excuses.

He usually left once he was done discussing a deal, always the one whose handsomeness and nobility suppressed the situation.

Although they were older than Boss Qin, their level of presence was incomparable to his.

Therefore, after seeing Qin Mo acting this way today, these bosses exchanged looks and saw the confusion in each other’s eyes.

The duo did not end up driving.

Fu Jiu would be eighteen later this year; therefore, she didn’t even have a driver’s license.

How she wished she had a microcar now.

Why don’t I buy one sometime later?

It would be warmer with a microcar in winter.

Skateboarding was fine, but it was inconvenient when facing the present situation with the Almighty.

Fu Jiu often had a stomachache when she was a hacker. So she knew how terrible it felt.

They couldn’t always take a taxi once the Almighty was the pain.

Soon, they arrived at a military compound.

Cars like taxis were not allowed to drive in.

The guards here basically looked at the license plate number.

While the driver was in a dilemma, Qin Mo rolled down the window. When his handsome face appeared, the soldiers saluted and immediately said, “Let them pass.”

It’s not surprising to see people here wearing military uniforms.

It was estimated that the middle-aged driver seldom had such jobs, so he looked at everything in amazement.

Fu Jiu was still looking at the time.

Qin Mo didn’t roll up the window. Instead, he said in a light voice, “If you are in a hurry, you can go first. I’ll drink some hot water by myself when I get back.”

“By yourself?” Fu Jiu frowned. “Is there nobody home?”

Obviously, Qin Mo would not say that he had given all his servants a holiday today. Instead, he only said with a composed look, “Nope.”

Fu Jiu turned her eyes. For some reason, the Almighty’s state today easily reminded her of her past self.

She had stayed at home drinking water when her stomach hurt. And she was all alone in such a big room. When the pain worsened, she would drink alcohol and knock herself out since it wouldn’t hurt after waking up.

“It will be okay for me to arrive there before four” Fu Jiu stretched her hand to roll up the window for Qin Mo. “Don’t let the wind get to you when you have a stomachache. I’ll make you porridge later.”

Qin Mo could not help but laugh. “Will it edible?”

With a stern look on the face, Fu Jiu said, “I can still make porridge.”

Facts proved that Fu Jiu still needed the Almighty to guided her by the side even when making porridge.

“You haven’t wash the rice yet.” Seeing the youngster who was about to start cooking once she placed the rice into the rice cooker, Qin Mo reminded her with an indifferent voice..

The Qin household’s kitchen was semi-open and it had high-end renovations. When Fu Jiu turned around, she would see the man half leaning against the wall with his eyebrows pricked up, looking a little handsome but also exasperated.

Fu Jiu knew why the Almighty was feeling exasperated. She explained while washing the rice. “I just forgot about it.”

Looking at the youngster, Qin Mo pricked up his thin lips and said casually, “I trust you.”

Fu Jiu: “…” This tone was really insincere!

To prove herself, Fu Jiu took out the chopping board to show off her chopping skills.

It had to said that the ham and cucumbers were beautifully cut.

But then… Fu jiu forgot when it was appropriate to put them into the cooker.

Qin Mo also noticed it. “Why don’t you tell me how much of the cooking porridge process do you remember?”