Chapter 466 - Making Porridge Together

Chapter 466: Making Porridge Together

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“Brother Mo, you will have no friends if you always talk like that,” Fu Jiu said while she lowered her head to unlock her phone. “Even if I don’t remember, I can still search for a tutorial. It’s simple making porridge, right?”

Qin Mo saw the youngster revealing a patch of fair skin when he lowered his head. Perhaps it was because his good skin that made it seem like superior white jade that looked lustrous.

Suddenly Qin Mo reached out his hand and held Fu Jiu’s nape.

Fu Jiu turned her eyes. “What?”

“Don’t expose your back to others casually in the future.” Qin Mo’s voice was very light.

Fu Jiu chuckled. “Take it easy. I won’t do this when I’m fighting. Ain’t I making porridge now?”

Qin Mo frowned. Was this guy really open to both men and women? If that was true, why couldn’t he tell his concern?

Or he was too young.

Qin Mo smiled, and just stood behind Fu Jiu.

After searching for a tutorial, the youngster moved very quickly except for being a little noisier..

Finally, the Almighty couldn’t stand watching any further. With that posture, he held Fu Jiu’s wrist with and guided the spoon in her hand. “The most important thing for making porridge is patience. No one does it so carelessly like you do.”

“That’s my style. Brother Mo, you won’t understand.” Fu Jiu was very good when it came to speaking nonsense.

Qin Mo curved his thin lips, and used his fingers to hold the gentle wrist in his palm without speaking..

In the semi-open kitchen, they stood one behind the other, holding the same spoon in their hands.

Because of the difference in height, the youngster looked as though he was being embraced by the man behind him.

When Fu Jiu found the pose seemingly too intimate, the Almighty first let go of her. With deep eyes, he said, “Okay, let it boil for twenty minutes.”

After saying that, Qin Mo used his free left hand, to press his stomach.

Fu Jiu directly reached out her hand, and put the Almighty’s hand over her shoulders. This brought the two even closer.

When Qin Mo lowered his head, his mouth turned upward.

It appears managing this younger brother of his requires both hard and soft tactics.

Fu Jiu was really the kind who didn’t yield to force. With her handsome face, she looked like a tasteful blood-sucking bat while making porridge. She fluttered here and there.

At last, she brought a big bowl of vegetable porridge to the Almighty very happily.

Actually, Fu Jiu also noticed that the Almighty didn’t eat anything at the dinner party just now.

Qin Mo sat on a wooden chair, looked at the big bowl in front of him. He was reminded of the youngster’s usual appetite and was amused.

Fu Jiu didn’t know why the Almighty was laughing.

Was the way she plated the food too ugly?

But what kind of plating did a bowl of porridge need?

With this in mind, Fu Jiu lowered her head again to have a look at her own mobile phone, planning to tidy up and leave after the Almighty was done eating the porridge.

However, it was unknown if it was because the Almighty ate too elegantly or not.

That bowl of porridge showed no signs of reduction at all.

The way the Almighty ate was indeed extremely unhurried.

In the words of Fu Jiu, just snaps of him eating could be used for posters directly.

Actually Qin Mo was really not hungry at first, but surprisingly, the porridge tasted very good. He couldn’t help but take a few more mouthfuls.

It wouldn’t have taken much time to finish a bowl of porridge, but he didn’t expect that the youngster would give him such a big bowl.

But, wasn’t the time needed for eating longer the bigger the bowl was…

However, at this moment, there was a sound at the door suddenly.

Qin Mo subconsciously arched his eyebrows…