Chapter 467 - Almighty Qin Loses

Chapter 467: Almighty Qin Loses

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The one who walked in was Movie Queen An, as well as Manager Li who Lieutenant General Qin had assigned her.

Movie Queen An’s elegant pretty face paused at first after seeing the youngster, then a smile brought out two cute dimples of hers. “Fu Jiu? Why didn’t you tell Auntie that you were coming?”

Fu Jiu stood up politely and smiled lightly. “Brother Mo had too much to drink, so I brought him home.”

“Too much to drink?” After hearing this reason, Movie Queen An turned back and looked at Manager Li, perplexed. Had her son ever get drunk before?

Manager Li had seen enough to stay calm. After greeting the two young masters, he stood to the side in silence. He didn’t want to make comment because he didn’t want to explain that his young master had undergone special training that even three bottles of Mao Tai weren’t enough to get him drunk.

Movie Queen An didn’t bother either. Instead, she was delighted that the youngster was here. She suggested that Fu Jiu could try on the clothes she had mentioned.

Fu Jiu naturally rejected the offer and smiled lightly. “Auntie, perhaps another day. Since you are home, I can leave Brother Mo in your care. His stomach isn’t feeling well, while I’m already late for a meeting. I gotta hop off now.”

Movie Queen An was a reasonable person, so she said with a smile, “Okay then, another day.”

Nobody noticed Qin Mo who was eating the porridge at the table while the two were chatting. His gaze were so cold that his eyes could turn to ice.

Fu Jiu didn’t say more, threw her black jacket on and gestured Qin Mo “bye.”

However, she wasn’t sure if the Almighty didn’t see her for he didn’t respond.

Perhaps it’s because he’s having porridge.

She didn’t have much time to think, Yaoyao was still waiting for her.

Fu Jiu quickened her footsteps when the thought came to her.

She didn’t look back.

If she did, she would have seen Qin Mo’s wooden spoon pause abruptly after she left.

Qin Mo had two spoons more of his porridge, but he felt as though its taste had changed. It was no longer as fragrant as before.

Eventually, he simply put the bowl down and took the black coat on the chair.

Movie Queen An looked at him. “Mo’er, where are you going? Doesn’t your stomach ache?”

“I’m fine.” Qin Mo’s voice was indifferent, and he didn’t look like he was sick at all either.

You recovered so quickly? Such a weird stomach ache… Movie Queen An watched her son disappear past the door, and murmured to herself.

And where’s everyone else?

Where’s Auntie Zhang?

She should be home at this time.

Movie Queen An was baffled.

The moment Qin Mo went out the door, he began searching for Fu Jiu.

However, he didn’t find any trace of the youngster despite searching all day.

He was likely in a car on his way to the meeting place.

Qin Mo was still walking forward in silence. His actions were very slow and very elegant. It seemed to match Qin Mo’s usual indifference.

However, those fingers hidden inside his black gloves were clenched tightly.

He looked into the emptiness with an emotionless face. He stood in his spot, silent. Slowly, the cold wind covered his body little by little…

As if he didn’t feel the coldness at all, his face was still beautiful but there was no smile.

He felt heavy in the chest.

The feeling was like finding something one loves greatly, something that one would wish to possess for their own.

And having spared no cost to use every means possible… the outcome was that he failed to snatch it away for himself…