Chapter 469 - Such A Pathetic Thing

Chapter 469: Such A Pathetic Thing

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Xue Yaoyao could tell that these people had good relationships with Jiang Zuo from what they said, but she wasn’t sure if what they said was the reason why Jiang Zuo hated her.

For a moment, she couldn’t help but look up to one of those girls.

That girl immediately felt enraged when she saw Xue Yaoyao looking at her. She sneered at how a pathetic thing like her would dare look at her like that.

“Okay, since this a birthday party, we should have some fun to enliven the mood.” That girl was dressed beautifully and as she spoke, she had a smiling tone to her voice. She came from a wealthy family obviously.

And the one standing next to her was Fu Jiu’s newly forged fan girl, Han Susu. They were from the same circle at school and had great relationships, having spent most of their time together.

Honestly, if not for Jiang Zuo, they wouldn’t even spare Xue Yaoyao a glance. In their hearts, a person as chubby and poor like Xue Yaoyao was a complete embarrassment to all girls.

“Jiaji Ja, what do you have in mind?” Han Susu knew what her good friends wanted clearly. In order to let the fat pig leave sooner, she decided to ask a leading question. They were happy even if they had nothing to do.

However, Yao Jia didn’t share such a thought. She had always liked Jiang Zuo. It was a rare opportunity for her to meet Jiang Zuo, but for that fat pig, she had the perfect excuse to see him everyday simply because she was his sister.

“Isn’t this a wine bottle? Let’s don’t get too wild while playing truth-or-dare. Whoever the bottle points at, that person has to get someone of the opposite sex to hug them.” Yao Jia spun the bottle as she spoke, and the strength she used was clearly deliberate.

The tip of the bottle turned left and pointed at Xue Yaoyao precisely.

“Ah, what a coincidence.” Yao Jia pretended to be surprised and looked at Yaoyao and laughed out right after: “Since you were picked, go on.”

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes deepened. “I didn’t say I was joining in your game.”

“Xue Yaoyao, are you trying to call for a fight at an occasion like this?” Yao Jia sounded indifferent. “It’s just a game, but you aren’t giving us face.”

Xue Yaoyao wanted to say more, but saw Jiang Zuo walking over with his friends following behind. They were all distinguished guests with high social status and great looks.

It was obvious that Jiang Zuo overheard their conversation, but he didn’t say anything.

Xue Yaoyao guessed that had probably given tacit consent to Yao Jia’s actions.

He probably that that she was a spoilsport by not agreeing.

Xue Yaoyao really didn’t want her mother to suffer at home because of her.

But who should she go for the hug…

Someone standing behind Jiang Zuo laughed. “Your little sister is so silly; she should just come and hug you.”

Surprisingly, Jiang Zuo agreed tersely in agreement.

But how could Xue Yaoyao ever hug Jiang Zuo?

That person had long told her to stay away from him.

Especially after that incident…

Xue Yaoyao didn’t want to recall what happened that night since that man’s deeply disdainful look was so obvious.

If she were to hug him now, she would probably be more disliked by people.

Xue Yaoyao had her own dignity.

Compared to Jiang Zuo, a stranger would be a better choice.

With this in mind, Xue Yaoyao mustered all her courage and asked for a hug from a stranger at the party.

However, that stranger was already aware what was happening by watching to the side. He didn’t want to get involved in the mess, not to mention that he already knew Yao Jia personally…