Chapter 47 - Why Have A Gay Meetup?

Chapter 47: Why Have A Gay Meetup?

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In order to save Fatty’s hide, COCO voiced out, “Captain, should we test that Fu Jiu?”

“No need.” Qin Mo tilted his head and said the two words plainly with no emotion in his voice. “It is him.”

Fatty frowned. “I really can’t figure out why Spade Z would ask you to have a gay meetup? Is he only playing games to get closer to Boss? That’s why he wanted the gay meetup?”

Fatty looked at his CEO after he finished his piece. Whew, fortunately, their CEO was rational. It didn’t seem like he rejected his opinion.

But COCO thought of something and suddenly sat up straight. “No, it’s not for the sake of getting close to Captain. If it’s such a simple reason, he wouldn’t have declined Captain’s friend request when he added him. Isn’t our captain recruiting new contestants? Many companies under us want to send people over to our company. Madam Fu seems to be having some issues with her company; all her contestants were poached away, and they can’t even provide a name list. If this continues, her company will crash.”

“You are saying that Spade Z asked to meet CEO for this reason?” Fatty said and looked at Qin Mo. Only, this time, he wasn’t sure if he was seeing things, but it seemed like the CEO had almost dropped the lighter in his hand?

However, Qin Mo didn’t say anything. He raised his jade-like hand slightly and picked up the wine glass on the table. He swirled it several times, and his deep eyes were a bit cold. So this was the reason for wanting to meet him…

After Fu Jiu had relieved herself, she discovered that ten more lobsters had been put in front of her.

In fact, their dinner table wasn’t small at all; they had asked for a presidential luxury table that could seat twelve people.

Now, it was full of lobsters.

Almighty Qin’s food only occupied a tiny space on the table.

He wanted to feed her to death.

Fu Jiu raised her head up and looked over. She was very frustrated. Did the gay meetup guide not teach Almighty to be generous and nice towards the in-game friend that he was meeting for the very first time?

You can’t waste money like this however rich you are! These are not some small 10-yuan miniature lobsters, these are all Australian lobsters!

The man noticed the murmurs from the silver-haired young man who seemed to be complaining to himself. He laughed lightly and pulled out a cigarette. Putting it between his lips, he tilted his head, lit the stick, then tilted his chin up. “They’re all yours, eat up.”

“Fine,” Fu Jiu also laughed with a trace of mischief. Well, I would eat then. Anyways, I’m not the one paying.

But she realized that Almighty Qin was even colder than before?

She didn’t take off his pants, so why was he smirking as he looked at her?

Could it be that something happened while she was not here?

Fu Jiu pondered for a moment but still could not figure out the reason. She had already eaten a number of lobsters and was able to endure all the way up to this point, which made her fairly satisfied.

After this meeting, she wouldn’t have to hide her status again in the contest, and she wouldn’t have to be worried about Qin Mo checking on her ever again.

To be honest, this was her first time dealing with such a difficult opponent.

He even figured out that she liked lollipops.

If he continued to investigate her, who knew what he would get out of it?

She couldn’t afford to be investigated by Qin Mo, not only because she was someone who was reborn, but most importantly… she was a girl, not a boy.

[0] Gay Meetup: in Chinese “Mian Ji”, meaning two male friends’ meet-up, for they act quite close, it gives a feeling to others that they may be gay and like each other romantically.