Chapter 470 - Highness Jiu Is Here

Chapter 470: Highness Jiu Is Here

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Yao Jia was watching from the side with the corners of her lip curved. She had long expected this situation for no one would accept the hugging invitation of such a fat pig.

She wanted to play this game only to embarrass Xue Yaoyao.

It was to let her know that even though she was part of the Jiang Family now, she didn’t deserve to be Jiang Zuo’s little sister.

A commoner from the slums would never be at their level.

If she was better looking or knew better to flatter them well, she could probably have let the matter go; however, Xue Yaoyao never showed any indication of that after all this time.

She was just a poor girl, so what did she have to act so arrogantly?

Xue Yaoyao knew that Yao Jia did this on purpose to put her in a predicament. Despite knowing what someone is pulling or what sort of intention they have, we would not resist or make a fuss for someone more important than ourselves. Because once she acted any differently, she would only draw more trouble for herself.

She would be ridiculed as not being brought up properly by her mother or how insensible and lacking a child from an ordinary family was.

The mockery she heard was all so obvious.

She froze where she stood, wanting to abandon everything.

Yao Jia crossed her arms and laughed. “Yaoyao, why aren’t you moving? Go ahead, there are more people over there.”

“Exactly, have a blast since we are having fun!”


She was the sole outcast.

Such actions was an invisible form of murder.

At times, wealthy people weren’t necessarily as decent as people with less money.

Moral values didn’t come with age or fortune.

Wealthy people often treated money as weapons.

And there were indeed some people who would kiss ass on account of the money.

This was a phenomenon in human society since time immemorial.

It was why so many people was helping Yao Jia in outcasting Xue Yaoyao.

And Yaoyao would look even worse the longer she dragged this out.

The rejection of her hug request was a form of damage to her dignity.

Jiang Zuo grabbed a wine glass with his left hand, those playful almond eyes of his hinted a chill.

Just as a friend of his behind him was about to say a word, for some reason, he took a step forward towards Xue Yaoyao.

However, no one expected that someone else was faster than him.

A tall slim figure appeared behind Xue Yaoyao.

The person had a head of messy short, silver hair looked like it was covered by a layer of white snow.

Those black diamonds earrings and that leather jacket made his face appear so fair that he looked like a beautiful vampire royalty.

He looked unique in front of those dull man in suits.

Precisely because he was too handsome that

everyone couldn’t help looking over.

Xue Yaoyao felt that she was pulled from behind and then she fell right into a cool hug.

The youngster’s voice was so beautiful and heartwarming. “I ran into traffic and came a little late, I was right behind you, so why didn’t you ask me for a hug?”

Xue Yaoyao had the tiny urge to cry, to really cry out.

She buried her face into the youngster’s shoulders as a smile showed up on her face.

She was afraid of nothing with Highness Jiu beside her.

Fu Jiu protected Xue Yaoyao unconditionally.

Furthermore, she believed firmly that protecting her was reciprocal.

The girl in her arms was the first one to speak up for her when she was facing the Internet violence.

One can have many friends in life, but a true friend will stand up for you when you suffer the attacks of thousands without being afraid of being dragged down.