Chapter 471 - Lord Jiu Fights Back for Yaoyao

Chapter 471: Lord Jiu Fights Back for Yaoyao

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People started discussing in murmurs when they saw the two hugging each other.

“Isn’t that the famous Spade Z in the esports industry now?”

“WTF, I never expected Spade Z to come to such a birthday party.”

“Who’s the one he’s hugging? His girlfriend?”

“Wait a second, that girl looks so familiar, my Yaoyao!”

“My Yaoyao?”

“She also plays Hero and from Supreme Alliance. Move, don’t block my vision of my idol.”

“I want to see my Big Spade!”

“They look close.”

“Of course, they are hugging each other for goodness sake.”

“Why do I feel they make a good couple.”

You had to admit that that scene looked picturesque.

The youngster’s black earrings exuded a dim glow under the light.

It was handsome and also ostentatious.

Han Susu was watching by side; originally happy seeing the youngster’s appearance, but when she saw him pulling Xue Yaoyao into an embrace, her gaze turned hostile.

Nobody noticed that apart from Han Susu, there was one more person who clenched his fists upon seeing this scene.

He was none other than Jiang Zuo.

Jiang Zuo’s friend didn’t have the time to hide his surprise.

But why did Jiang Zuo take that step previously?

Fu Jiu noticed that people were watching, she looked over and her lips curled up into a smile. “Young Master Jiang, we meet again.”

Jiang Zuo’s attitude turned much colder when he saw the youngster as he gave Xue Yaoyao an indifferent acknowledgment.

Fu Jiu stood next to Xue Yaoyao, and when she looked around with smiling eyes, she said, “Yaoyao is a girl; getting her to hug others is no game. However, it seems Young Master Jiang doesn’t mind having such a disgusting game happen at his birthday party.”

Jiang Zuo narrowed his eyes upon hearing that.

Yao Jia’s face changed abruptly when the word “disgusting” was said. “That’s not for you to judge. Yaoyao, what’s your deal. Did you bring your friend to cause trouble?”

Xue Yaoyao wanted speak up.

Fu Jiu stopped her and sounded emotionless. “There must be a misunderstanding. We are usually busy playing Hero and do not have the time to cause trouble. Yaoyao only came to give a gift since she’s a member of the Jiangs, but Miss, you don’t belong to the family, right? To think that Young Master Jiang will tolerate an outsider to question his younger sister in the territory of the Jiangs. He might have a good temper, but I’m different. Yaoyao is my teammate, and since we are not welcomed here, Yaoyao, where is your gift? Hand it to your elder brother, I’m sure he is big-hearted enough to let us leave early.”

Her speech contained loads of information, so much that the look in Jiang Zuo’s eyes changed.

He looked at Xue Yaoyao with dark cold eyes.

Xue Yaoyao looked right back at him for the first time.

She owed Jiang Zuo nothing.

She might have been naive before and fell for him, feeling that she was so special every time he came to confide in her.

If there was a chance, she wanted to tell Jiang Zuo, that I only like you, but if you don’t like me, you could just tell me, and I would let go, no matter how difficult that would be.

But I would never get in your way or take anything from you.

I know that I need to love myself in order to love others.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t say more, took her gift out and said, “Happy Birthday.”

They were two words that could not be any more ordinary.

Very polite.

This way, no one could use the excuse that she lacked manners because of her poverty.

Xue Yaoyao knew very well in her heart that the youngster had protected her dignity by showing up…