Chapter 472 - Jealousy

Chapter 472: Jealousy

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Jiang Zuo didn’t reach out to accept the gift; instead, he stared at Xue Yaoyao and said with a faint voice, “You plan to leave early?”

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t sure if he found her gift too cheap; to be honest, her gift’s value couldn’t compare with those from others.

Like a fancy car or a designer watch.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t want to stay there any longer, for she wasn’t suited for such settings. Rather than being wary against the despicable tricks used by others, she’d rather go to the Internet cafe with Highness Jiu.

“The National League has begun. I need practice.”

Xue Yaoyao gave the gift to the receptionist beside Jiang Zuo when she saw no response from him.

Jiang Zuo’s eyes turned extremely cold upon seeing this. “Have you changed your target again?”

That successfully made Xue Yaoyao’s back freeze.

Fu Jiu curled her thin lips and took Yaoyao over by the arm. “Now that you have given the gift, let’s greet Auntie before leaving. The competition takes up all of our time already, so don’t come to such occasions if you don’t wish to.” As she was speaking, she looked up and stared deadly at Jiang Zuo. “Bye for now, Young Master Jiang.”

Jiang Zuo didn’t say anything, but the more he looked at their backs, the tighter his grip on his glass.

People beside him could tell that Jiang Zuo was upset.

They all thought that it was because Xue Yaoyao was a little petty over the whole thing that resulted in Jiang Zuo’s smile to vanish.

Yao Jia said, “Birds of a feather flock together. I’ve heard awful things about that Young Master Fu. Since when did Xue Yaoyao become friends with him? Cheer up Jiang Zuo, it’s good that people who are outside of our circle have left; otherwise, they would ruin your birthday celebration.”

Han Susu instantly added, “What kind of awful things? Stop bullshitting, I know my idol well, he cares about that Xue Yaoyao a lot only because she is his teammate. Today’s situation was all Xue Yaoyao’s fault for not being a sport. She’s clingy and can’t take jokes.”

What happened just now had worked Han Susu up.

She never expected the youngster to be this gentle to anyone.

She could put up with how nice the youngster was to Brother Qin; after all, they were both guys.

But how could he be so nice to a chubby girl?

Han Susu couldn’t stand for this.

Therefore, she was immediately sure that it was Xue Yaoyao who was seducing her idol.

She used to have her claws on Brother Jiang, and now she had set her evil sights on Fu Jiu, her idol.

Why couldn’t she look at herself? What a slut!

Han Susu’s eyes darkened. “She’s trying to find a chance to cling onto Fu Jiu.”

“I scan tell that, too,” Yao Jia said disdainfully. “Like mother, like daugh…”

Before she finished, the shattering sound of glass broke the tempo of the soft music played in the ballroom.

Instantly, the ball entered an unprecedented silence.

Everyone looked over to the sound, including Yao Jia.

Jiang Zuo was standing there still, redness blossoming from his white shirt.

One couldn’t tell if it was red wine or blood.

He had broken the glass in his hand by squeezing it.

His face appeared unperturbed, but his eyes were abnormally dark. He looked at the few girls in front of him and said, “Send these few out.”

“Young Master…” The receptionist was still hesitating, after all they were all business partners and Miss Han was also among them.

Jiang Zuo’s side profile chilled. “Let me say it for the last time. Send them out.”