Chapter 473 - Qin Mo Is Coming.

Chapter 473: Qin Mo Is Coming.

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Only at that moment did people realize that Young Master Jiang was truly infuriated.

Han Susu’s face turned white. “Brother Jiang, you mean you are chasing me away as well?”

Jiang Zuo didn’t say anything, but his attitude was very obviously.

“Why?” Han Susu lost her temper. “Aren’t you afraid that we will be hurt by doing this?”

Hearing that, Jiang Zuo turned his head around, and said with an indifferent voice, “Why not? Because this is the Jiang family.”

When saying this sentence, he gave Yao Jia a glance.

That look made Yao Jia’s body shake.

The request for the three or four girls to leave or the lack of one didn’t influence the birthday party’s process, but Han Susu couldn’t take this lying down.

Her anger was unappeasable.

It was all due to that fat girl!

It could be said that this was the scene Qin Mo saw when he came in.

Han Susu seemed to see her savior. “Brother Qin! Brother Jiang wants us to leave for no good reason. What’s wrong with him!? We were all doing something for his own good and helped him deal with that fat step-sister of his. Were we in the wrong?”

Qin Mo listened to the entire situation without any emotion.

At last, he just said one sentence, “The fat girl you are talking about is also a member of Supreme Alliance.”

“What do you mean?” Han Susu asked with rounded eyes.

Qin Mo replied indifferently, “That means if I was Jiang Zuo, I will ask for you to leave too. What happened to the propriety the Han family taught you?”

Upon being disregarded by two people one after another, Han Susu was so angry that she felt her chest stifled.

Qin Mo didn’t spare Han Susu another glance.

He was never interested in her from a young age.

He was different from Jiang Zuo who wouldn’t go overboard when taking into consideration of any past ties.

That was the reason why Han Susu was afraid of Qin Mo. He was too cold-blooded.

The party continued after the women left.

Only those with good relationships with Jiang Zuo went upstairs.

Of course, blood was inauspicious on his birthday, so the wrapping of his wounds was left to a friend he regarded as brother.

When Qin Mo went upstairs, Jiang Zuo was still staring in one direction looking distracted. It was a mystery what was on his mind. When he saw Qin Mo coming, he hooked up his lips without a giving a genuine smile. “It seems that my step-sister has her sights on that sworn brother of yours. So, shall we have an alliance marriage?”

Qin Mo looked at him without emotion. “Where are they?”

“Who knows?” As he played with a gift, his eyes remained cold. “They left early. Does your team now allow members to date?”

Qin Mo turned his head and lit a cigarette. “It was allowed before.”

Jiang Zuo lifted up his eyebrows. “What about the future?”

“Puppy love is not good for senior high school students.” Qin Mo spat out the smoke, his side profile appearing noble. “As for you, can’t you watch your little sister well?”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Zuo hooked up his lips and smiled. “It’s more like you being unable to watch your little brother, isn’t it?”

“The main reason why he came here was that he wanted to help her.” Qin Mo stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray, turned, and picked up the mobile phone on the desk. He said in low voice, “It’s getting late. You need to go downstairs to cut the cake even you are not in a good mood. And…”

Jiang Zuo lifted up his eyebrows.

With an indifferent emotion, Qin Mo continued, “Your attitude towards Xue Yaoyao determines the way others treat her. It’s okay if you don’t care, but if you care, you’d better control yourself, even though you can’t accept the fact that Uncle Jiang married again.”

“Since when do you care about the affairs of others?” Jiang Zuo’s face suffused a smile.

Qin Mo stood up and tidied up his shirt. He said slowly, “Because I don’t want to see him come here to save the day a second time.”