Chapter 474 - Did I Interrupt You?

Chapter 474: Did I Interrupt You?

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With this said, he made a telephone call with his mobile phone.

On the other end of the line was none other than Manager Feng who was drinking with members of the media.

Qin Mo didn’t say much either. “Inform all team members that there will be group training at the top floor of Qin Group half an hour later.”

Upon hearing that, Jiang Zuo raised his brows. Was Qin Mo… using his powers for his own private interests?

Seeing Feng Yi pause, the members of the media at the banquet couldn’t help but ask. “Boss Feng, what’s wrong? Come on. Have another drink.”

As a manager who was known as a fox, Feng Yi smiled elegantly. “Nothing. It’s trivial.” However, he was complaining inwardly, What on earth is the Almighty up to by making such a call at this time?

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Feng Yi didn’t put the phone down and just held it. When he stepped out of the room, his expression changed instantly. “Almighty, can we cut it out? They only have a day and a half off. How can you get them to come back for group training? At this time, they should be getting dates with the girls they love and are out watching romance movies. If we go on like that, Supreme Alliance will really become a team of monks.”

With one hand in his trouser pocket, Qin Mo casually said in the same voice, “Make the phone call and inform them.”

Seven words.

Feng Yi’s temper subsided, but on second thought, it would be easier for them to manage the team members if they didn’t have girlfriends.

Actually it was the reason for him being here, wasn’t it?

It was the same in every industry.

Once some people became famous, they would act differently.

Feng Yi had encountered cases where some members of a professional team who engaged in relationships with fans randomly.

Compared with the other managers, he didn’t have to worry about his players’ attitudes towards love at least.

Because… they really had the tendency of being left on the shelf.

It was strange as they had so many fans.

If Feng Yi dug a little deeper, he wouldn’t be too surprised.

For example, some female fans who were his juniors at school wanted to give Lin Feng things like love letter on Christmas Eve.

So when one of them saw Yun Hu at school today, she asked him for help.

Yun Hu looked at the girl and burst into laughter. “It’s not fair.”

It was the first time the female junior had seen Yun Hu laugh.

It was known at school that Yun Hu was almost a man out of reach.

If not for there not being anyone else to turn to, the girl wouldn’t have dared troubled Yun Hu.

There was always that kind of person whom you were eager to see while also afraid to see.

At this time, when the female junior saw the smile on Yun Hu’s face, her entire face blushed red and her heart pounded even wildly.

He was really handsome. The tall figure as well as his handsome side profile made one heat up involuntarily. “What… what isn’t fair?”

Yun Hu lowered his deep eyes. “Is it only for Lin Feng, not me?”

Looking at the handsome look of the man, the female junior felt like her heart was being pierced by something. She said immediately, “This one is for you!”

Hearing it, Yun Hu smiled and said with a little coldly. “Wasn’t it for Lin Feng?”

“I can make it up to Senior Lin later.” That female junior’s cheeks were pink. “There are also two movie tickets inside. Senior, are you…”

Before the beauty finished speaking, a figure appeared Yun Hu and directly grappled his neck. “How good a brother you are for waiting this late for me.”

Lin Feng was a man who really reacted slowly.

It was not until he looked up did he notice there was another person there. He paused and asked hesitatingly. “Did I interrupt… you?”