Chapter 475 - Loving Pairs

Chapter 475: Loving Pairs

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That girl didn’t expect Lin Feng to turn up so abruptly and immediately, her faced flushed red in embarrassment.

Unexpectedly, Yun Hu remained very calm. “No. Our junior here wanted to gift you something, but after she saw me, she said she it was for me instead, so I accepted it.”

When Lin Feng heard that, he took a glance at that girl, who he had an impression of. It was said that she was very pure and innocent, but now it didn’t seem to be the case.

“So are you going on a date?” Lin Feng raised his eyebrows.

Yun Hu took out his mobile phone, and made him look at the group message: “Group training.”

“Group training? At this time?” Lin Feng screamed out tragically. “Does that fox, Feng Yi, have any shred of humanity?”

But on second thought, the group training wasn’t bad. It saved him from having to get Yun Hu to reject the girl’s invitation.

On this matter, he had to remind Yun Hu properly when no one was around.

The girl’s face blushed redder as her heart beat violently. But after she saw Yun Hu’s emotionless side profile and Lin Feng’s watchful eyes, she suddenly realized that she had done something wrong.

She wanted to explain, but she found herself without an explanation.

She originally thought that Senior Lin was very good, but compared with Senior Yun, his level of dominance was on a completely different level.

That was why she suddenly changed targets.

But… that last smile of Senior Yun just now was truly filled with ridicule.

She must have misread it.

After all, Senior Yun said “unfair” just now.

But Yun Hu’s next sentence broke her fantasy. “It’s best to give the person it was originally meant for.”

What did he mean?

That girl wanted to ask.

But Lin Feng dragged Yun Hu away before she could do so.

When they were the only two people left on the road, Lin Feng sighed deeply. “Tiger, a word of advice. You have little contact with girls so you don’t understand how scheming girls can be. That girl just now pursued me in the past, and now wants to pursue you. Don’t blame me, your brother, for not reminding you that such a fickle woman doesn’t deserve you.”

“So she was pursuing you in the first place.” Yun Hu wore a clam look, but his tone sounded a little enlightened.

Lin Feng placed his hand on Yun Hu’s shoulder. “I’ll be your grandson if I lied to you. I absolutely have no intention to defame her either.”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you.” Yun Hu pretended act deep and profound. “I’m just wondering if she was trying to approach me through you or something else. ”

When Lin Feng heard this, he exclaimed, “Damn it, absolutely! There’s no need to think further. There were girls like this in the past. Do they think that I’m silly? Take it easy, if any girls approach me in the future, I will scrutinize them before making contact with them.”

“So aren’t you afraid of not being able to find a girlfriend?” Yun Hu asked.

Lin Feng laughed. “I’m so handsome, so I’ll definitely have one eventually.”

“Really…” Yun Hu’s eyes deepened again. “Then may all your wishes come true one day.”

This guy had a very smart face, but actually, he wasn’t very clever.

Yun Hu looked at the misty Jiang City.

He had kept a distance from girls, and there would likely be fewer of such incidents in the future… As for a girlfriend… it was merely a thought.

Lin Feng himself was very serious, and had made preparations to have fewer interactions with girls in the future.

Instead, it was Fu Jiu who frowned her beautiful eyebrows when she received the news about the group training.

Xue Yaoyao turned her head. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing,” Fu Jiu said while she sent Fu Jiu a reply.

“The Almighty can’t go for the group training, because he drank too much and still has a stomachache.”