Chapter 478 - Fighting Alongside You

Chapter 478: Fighting Alongside You

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The second day.

The regional competition continued.

This time, Supreme Alliance was playing against a top 3 team in the province—Team Aotian.

Fatty was referring to this when he said that things were going to become more difficult.

At the same time, they were allies with the Yun Zhong team.

When it came to ability, they were indeed no match for the Yun Zhong team.

But everyone knew that Supreme Alliance had an easy win the previous match due to two main reasons.

One was that Yun Zhong underestimated their enemy, the other was that both Fu Jiu and Qin Mo had competed.

For today’s match, neither of the two was in the lineup.

The 1v1 began.

People expected Fu Jiu to compete; even the shoutcaster predicted another win due to Supreme Alliance’s strong momentum.

To everyone’s surprise, Yin Wuyao was up for the first round.

The Aotian members laughed out coldly when they saw who was competing. “What’s this? Are they looking down on us?”

“They are so full of themselves after beating Yun Zhong, Monkey, show these people that Aotian doesn’t take sh*t like this, an outdated old player playing the first round is truly ridiculous!”

“No problem, it’s a piece of cake to take this old uncle down.”

Just as what worried Feng Shang previously, this was no easy match.

Yin Wuyao didn’t make much progress after taking his opponent down once at the beginning of the game.

When Fu Jiu looked at the time on the big screen, she frowned. “Uncle needs to end this soon.”

The character chosen by their opponent was of the assassin class. They were good at sneak attacks and were extremely fast. The longed it dragged out, the harder it was for Yin Wuyao later.

Fu Jiu’s prediction was proven after Yin Wuyao suffered his first death.

The other team was good at sneaking up on the defense towers, and kept pushing forward.

Yin Wuyao kept returning to the city to heal his HP in order to continue the match.

That situation made everyone nervous.

Sometimes, outsiders saw things more clearly than players who were competing.

Was Supreme Alliance going to lose this time?

As people had such thoughts, Yin Wuyao leaped over the tower and killed his opponent. With little HP left, he returned to the city.

When Fu Jiu saw this, her eyes brightened. “Uncle has realized it.”

Realize what? Feng Shang didn’t understand.

Yin Wuyao obviously changed his strategy later on. He no longer attacked the towers and instead hid in the grass and began his hunt.

As his opponent was fast, Yin Wuyao would release a stun first before dealing the killing blows, and with that, turned the situation around.

This was one of the longest 1v1 games ever.

Finally, Yin Wuyao managed to deplete the last of the number of deaths his opponent could use with little HP left.

If it was dragged out any longer, Supreme Alliance would have lost its city.

But in fact, it was truly hard to tell the victor in the match.

Supreme Alliance won the game only by the rules.

Yin Wuyao took his headphones off and walked over to his teammates.

Fu Jiu looked over and handed him a cigarette. “Good job.”

“It’s imperative to start with a win.” Yin Wuyao took the cigarette, but he didn’t light it. He just held it in his mouth and said, “I wish I was young like you guys.”

Fu Jiu laughed. “There are benefits to being old. For example, you are experienced and know how to adjust according to the circumstances. I believe that is why the Almighty arranged you for the first round.”

Yin Wuyao looked at Qin Mo who was not so far away after hearing that. He said in a low voice, “We have a good captain.”

Yes, they had a great captain.

He was nothing like the other captains; he appreciated old players as much as the new ones.

And he had enough trust for his teammates.

He saw everyone through the same lenses.

And this was the Almighty.

Fu Jiu chuckled lightly, and once again, felt lucky to be able to fight alongside this man…