Chapter 479 - Fu Jiu Would Be In Female Clothes...

Chapter 479: Fu Jiu Would Be In Female Clothes…

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After Yin Wuyao won the first round, no one worried about the subsequent rounds regardless of how difficult they would be.

His was sure-footed in battle, unafraid or nervous.

The shoutcaster added, “North of Yin Mountain’s victory in this round is critical. It is with his persistence that Supreme Alliance has regained its morale.”

“That’s right.” The other shoutcaster laughed. “It looks like a veteran needs to have a captain who knows how to use his men well.”

People all knew deep down that Qin Mo had always been in charge of Supreme Alliance’s lineup.

Some had even once said that when Qin Mo wasn’t waiting in the benches, he was Supreme Alliance’s coach.

But when he put his headphones on, and began using the computer, he took on another role.

The reason why Supreme Alliance could remain so staid had largely to do with Qin Mo.

Because the one who was sitting there was Qin Mo.

The next round was a 2v2.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t know how exactly she controlled her mouse, but all she wanted to do was to kill one more person or take down another tower..

It was not until the game was over that she realized they had really won.

He fingers were trembling and her heart was racing.

For the first time, she had won without Highness Jiu’s presence.

Far away in the audience stands, Fu Jiu curled up a smile and mouthed: “Bravo.”

Perhaps, this was what they were after all this time despite all mocking and discrimination.

Esports taught them to be brave.

And from friendship, they learned how to trust.

The jubilant mood had never been this intense.

As manager, Feng Yi, took in this scene with a smile.

Apart from his younger brother, Feng Shang, what he saw was more of how these guys got along with each other.

Who would have thought that some of them didn’t even know what esports was a month ago.

And now, every single one of them was good enough to take on heavy responsibilities.

Perhaps they really had the chance of becoming national champion this year.

“Bro.” Feng Shang ran over with a red face. “Di-di-did you see? We-we-we won!”

Feng Yi ruffled his hair. “Yes, I did. Good job and keep it up!”

“Okay.” His eyes filled with expectations as though they were glowing from being able to see the future.

Fu Jiu placed one hand over a chair’s back and curled the corners of her lips. Just as she was about to say something, she looked to her left suddenly!

Qin Mo lifted his eyebrows. “What?”

“Nothing.” Fu Jiu’s eyes were still fixated on the exit.

Did she see wrong?

How could that person be…

“Little Spade, why are you still sitting there? Come celebrate with us!” Lin Feng broke Fu Jiu’s train of thought.

Fu Jiu curled up a smile and jumped over the rail with the support of one hand. That series of motions were so handsome that all the girls around nearly fainted.

Lin Feng was shocked as he gave a thumbs up. “Nice moves!”

Qin Mo looked over, and then to the exit, but there was nothing.

What did that guy see just now…

The regional competition lasted for 5 straight days.

Supreme Alliance was a dark horse which won every match.

And this achievement was a severe slap in the face for those online analysts on Weibo.

However, none of that mattered to Fu Jiu because her mind was on the drawing of straws for the masquerade party…

“Okay, good luck to myself.” With a solemn expression, Lin Feng held a bamboo container filled with wooden sticks.

Fu Jiu was originally wondering why luck was needed for a masquerade party. With how handsome she was, she could take on any role, right?

Lin Feng said meaningfully, “Don’t blame the experienced me for not warning you.”

Fu Jiu thought nothing of it as she picked the middle stick with a faint smile.

And then she flipped it and took a look.

There were only two words on there.

Female clothes…