Chapter 48 - Give the Bill to Your Lord Jiu

Chapter 48: Give the Bill to Your Lord Jiu

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After finishing the last lobster, Fu Jiu thought it was time to leave, and she went to thank Almighty Qin, “Thank you for your lobsters. See you later.”

She heard a half-laugh from Qin Mo. “You’re done eating?”

“Yeah, done.” Fu Jiu nodded. She was in a good mood. Almighty Qin learned to socialize, proving that their gay meetup actually worked.

Qin Mo smiled and looked at the lazy Fu Jiu. A gleam of cold light swept across his eyes as he raised his hand.

The waiter immediately handed over the menu.

Qin Mo looked at that waiter and said, “Get the bill.”


The waiter was confused. CEO never needed to foot the bill when he was eating here.

COCO and Fatty didn’t know what was happening either.

But they heard their CEO add slowly, “Give it to your Lord Jiu, it’s on him today.”

COCO: “…”

Fatty: “…”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Even the waiter: “…”

Fu Jiu had the most direct reaction. Her eye, which was about to flirt with Qin Mo, twitched a little.

Since… since when did this meal become her treat?!

Wasn’t this hotel named “Qin”?

“Almighty, I remember this is your family’s hotel. Are you sure you want me to foot the bill?”

Where were his manners? Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow.

Even COCO and Fatty were embarrassed.

After all, the CEO never asked anyone to treat him to a meal, especially since this was his hotel.

The waiters who were standing to the side looked at one another and didn’t walk up.

Qin Mo looked at Fu Jiu’s beautiful cherry blossom eyes and said nonchalantly, “This is how I treat my close friends.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

This man did this on purpose. He was using her own words to upset her.

She blew intimately on his ear!

And now, he was doing this to her?

All she had was 5000 yuan, which she earned from playing games. She only had enough for five lobsters.

The gay meetup handbook was complete bullsh*t!

Almighty Qin, if you continue to be this keen on your revenge, forget making any gay friends, you won’t even be able to marry a girlfriend, alright?

“What? You don’t wanna treat me to dinner?” Qin Mo took the teacup but didn’t drink from it. As his eyes were exuding a faint light behind the thin smoke from his cigarette, he said, “Didn’t you say that we were close?”

Fu Jiu leaned back and decisively rebutted, “It’s not that I don’t want to, I just don’t have that much money.”

“No money? You?” COCO replied in a high-pitched voice, seeming like he didn’t buy it, “How’s that possible?”

Fu Jiu laughed, “Why is it not possible? Someone thought I was the shame of the family and was afraid to offend Young Master Qin, so he excluded me from the Fu family. You should know about that.”

COCO did know. After all, they had a small business relationship with the Fu family.

That was actually quite shocking news.

His dad also said that no matter how disgraceful Fu Jiu was, he shouldn’t have taken care of someone he kept outside like his own, going as far as cutting off financial support for the mother and son.

The three were even more shameless, stealing their contestants at this critical moment in order to crush He Honghua.

In a split second, COCO didn’t know what to say himself.

He only turned his head to his CEO.

But Qin Mo didn’t say anything.

Fu Jiu opened her mouth again as she placed one hand on the back of their CEO’s chair. Her face was very close to his, and her voice was flirtatious. “Almighty Qin, how about I pay with myself?”