Chapter 480 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 2

Chapter 480: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 2

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Female clothes?

Where did this strange stick come from?

Fu Jiu pricked up her eyebrows sharply, thinking that something was wrong with her eyes. “Wrong pick, let me do it again.”

“It’s not, this is it!” Lin Feng laughed out loud. “Little Spade, you are so lucky. My brother used to be the lucky one, but it’s your turn this year.”

Hold that thought, what does that mean?

Do I really need to wear female clothes?

The corner of Fu Jiu’s mouth froze. What kind of masquerade party got people to wear female clothes?

“I’m sorry. Rest in peace.” Lin Feng seemed to see himself from yesteryear in Fu Jiu as he patted her shoulder with his outstretched left hand. “You are still young, Kiddo. Think about it, how many men have the chance to dress like women and in such open way? You should be cheer up.”

Fu Jiu looked over to “Hero Lin.”

“You tell me!”

Fu Jiu chuckled sarcastically. “When trying to comfort me, can you at least be more genuine and hide your laughter. You are obviously taking pleasure from my misfortune!”

Lin Feng couldn’t stop laughing, ignoring what Fu Jiu had said.

He went to the other team members after comforting Fu Jiu, looking joyful, “Guys, guess what! Guess what stick did Little Spade pick?”

Xue Yaoyao held her face with her hands and looked at him with expectantly. “A royal vampire?”

Highness Jiu’s skin tone and silver hair would go perfectly with a 19th century Anglo-styled suit and he would definitely steal the attention of everyone.

Feng Shang also tried hard to imagine. “D-demon deacon?”

“No, neither of them.” Lin Feng wagged his finger. “Keep guessing!”

Yun Hu walked over at this moment and sounded normal. “If you look this happy, I guess Little Spade got the same stick you got last year.”

“Big Tiger, you are so smart!” Lin Feng put his arm around his neck and said loudly: “That’s right, the lucky pick, female clothes!”

female clothes!!!


Not only those old players.

Feng Shang and Yin Wuyao, they all looked over to Fu Jiu at the same time.

Yin Wuyao was just about to light his cigarette, but he dropped the cigarette on the floor from his shock.

Everyone was utterly shocked.

Fu Jiu was just about to say something when she looked up and saw the Almighty at the door, having just finished with his corporation matters. He stood there in a suit, slim and tall. He appeared to have overheard what Lin Feng had said as he leaned on the door frame and lifted his eyebrows at Fu Jiu with a faint smile. “Female clothes?”

Fu Jiu opened her mouth again.

Lin Feng cut her off decisively. “Little Spade, say nothing. Excuses are also useless, things like feeling sick, how you have something on tomorrow, or how you have a stomachache, et cetera. I used those excuses last year, so just accept your fate. As brothers, we won’t laugh at you.”

Fu Jiu : … Can you at least control your facial expression when you’re saying all that?

Yet, by doing that, Lin Feng had severed all possible excuses she could use. She needed to think of a way to reject participating in this odd party.

The Almighty wasn’t planning on giving the youngster a chance either. With an indifferent look in his eyes, he said, “Everyone needs to attend the party tomorrow. Be prepared to face the consequences if you do not show up.”

“Captain is right. We will attend as requested.” Lin Feng patted Fu Jiu’s shoulder again.

Fu Jiu finally understood how it felt when the Almighty wanted to throw someone under the bus.

Xue Yaoyao stood there, her eyes filled with worry. Wearing female clothes for Highness Jiu was just too dangerous…

“Highness Jiu, let’s exchange our sticks.” Xue Yaoyao suggested: “Highness Jiu is too handsome to be in female clothes.”