Chapter 481 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 3

Chapter 481: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 3

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Lin Feng reached out his arm and stopped her. “Yaoyao, no way. According to our Supreme Alliance rules, you do exactly as your pick requires, isn’t that right Captain?”

When Fu Jiu heard that, she looked at Qin Mo with a serious gaze. Its meaning was clear: Almighty, now is the time for you to act as an elder brother.

Qin Mo looked back at the youngster for a moment.

And just as Fu Jiu thought that things would turn around, that man smiled and looked extra gorgeous. “That’s right.”

Fu Jiu: … Weren’t you some Little Brother Maniac?!

Qin Mo slowly took in all the frustrated expressions from the youngster before looking at Xue Yaoyao who was anxious to save the youngster. He had the thought of yielding, but feeling subsided greatly as he stepped forward and said in a pressuring low voice, “Do it well. I will pick you up myself tomorrow, so don’t even think of running away, get it?”

So he was saying that she had to attend regardless?

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows, and tried to prepare him for any unexpected turn of events. “Okay, but Brother Mo, let me be clear about this; I’m not like Lin Feng, I have no experience in dressing as a girl…” Instead, she had been dressing as a boy every day.

“Don’t worry, I won’t loathe you.”

Qin Mo’s tone showed that he was ready for all kinds of excuses, which made it clear to Fu Jiu that there was no way of escaping.

Lin Feng, who had been dragged into the conversation again, immediately grumbled, “Little Spade, I only did it twice, alright!?”

“Isn’t twice considered experienced?” Fu Jiu gave him a critical blow indifferently. “No wonder you are the team flower.”

Lin Feng, who thought himself as very masculine, touched his chest and calmed himself down before smiling handsomely. “Little Spade, I totally understand how pissed you are now. I’ve been there, done that as a senior. Sigh, I know how difficult it is to ask a man to be a whore, ah no—ask a man to be a woman, but, I still feel the responsibility to provide you with some props.”

“What props?” Fu Jiu unwrapped a lollipop and held it casually in her mouth. “It’s just some clothes, right?”

Lin Feng gave her a look like she was an inexperienced fledging as he lowered his voice. “Props are more important than clothes.” Fu Jiu tersely responded without a care. All she had on her mind were two words: female clothes, female clothes… She couldn’t be bothered about props.

“Hey, I’m serious.” Lin Feng buried his head. “Give me your address, I will send them over to you. Trust me, the more you look like a girl, the less anyone would recognize you at the party, then the chances of embarrassing yourself will decrease a little.”

Fu Jiu chuckled sarcastically. “Brother Lin, after you gave that round of publicity, who else doesn’t know I’ll be dressed as a woman tomorrow?”

“Teammates don’t count. The main thing is that there will be fans joining the masquerade party as well.” Lin Feng moved closer. “Don’t blame me for not teaching you. When the time comes, insist that you are a fan, get it?”

So that’s the case. From the looks of it, Brother Lin can actually offer some constructive ideas at times… Plus it’s a masquerade party, so I can wear a mask.

Even if she was in female clothes, she could still hide.

The more Fu Jiu thought about it, the deeper her smile became. “Brother Lin is the best; what a great idea.”

“Of course, I have the best ideas.” Lin Feng looked more handsome with with his smugness. “So the props I’m sending you will be critical. How successful your look will be will depend on them.”

“What exactly are those?” Fu Jiu had an ominous feeling.

Lin Feng lifted his eyebrows. “Like, 34D-sized liquid silicone balls? That’s my goddess’s size!”