Chapter 482 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 4

Chapter 482: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 4

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Liquid silicone balls!?


All these words put together made it obvious what they were referring to.

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused.

Then, she jumped down the wooden chair and held the lollipop in her mouth, looked like a total rich brat. “Brother Lin, let me ask you, did anyone think of you as a pervert when you were purchasing all those items?”

“Nope!” Lin Feng denied while flushed with agitation.

Yun Hu said in a plain tone. “He’s telling the truth. However, when he was discovered by his parents, they only thought that he had some weird fetish with cross-dressing.”

Fu Jiu: … That’s even worse.

Having realized this, Fu Jiu made a wise decision. “I refuse to accept those props.”

“Refuse?” Lin Feng curled his lips when he heard that. “Little Spade, that won’t do. Where’s your sincerity in dressing as a woman? Don’t even try to fool us with some cheap clothes. After the ball tomorrow, we will share pictures in the team group chat and then a little gathering after midnight. It won’t do if your attire doesn’t pass.”

Fu Jiu curled her lips and smiled after hearing that. “Don’t worry, I’ll definitely pass.” First of all, she was a woman, second, she was the best at disguising; therefore, a masquerade party wouldn’t daunt her…

Qin Mo was on the phone the entire time. After he was done, he looked at the youngster with his brows pricked up. Why is he so confident?

He thought that Fu Jiu would plead for his help. That way, he would raise corresponding conditions such as keeping a distance from girls, especially Xue Yaoyao. An appropriate distance was needed to be maintained.

But it turned out that someone wasn’t quite smart in such matters. He was quite happy when Yaoyao offered to switch sticks with him, but he didn’t think of seeking him for help. In that case, Qin Mo wanted to see how this person in question would look like in female clothes.

At that time, Qin Mo hadn’t realized that he was acting in this way because he cared. Every time he saw Fu Jiu and Xue Yaoyao exchanging looks, his eyes would chill…

Night fell and Jiang City turned foggy again.

The downtown area was relatively fine, but in the outskirts, in the direction of the high-speed rail, people had to walk amid thick fog. Everyone wore masks, looking like the scene from the movie, Resident Evil. And there was a tall figure among them without a mask on, so he drew attention with his beautiful facial features exposed. Everyone who was getting on the train could not help but take another glance at him. He had his phone in one hand, looking like he was on the phone, and occasionally, one could hear his voice…

He was from Tokyo. No wonder he looked so trendy!

“Aren’t you learning Japanese recently? Can you understand what he is talking about?”

“A little, I think he’s saying that he will be staying here for now and won’t be returning temporarily. He says he has things to deal with and they can meet up here?”

“What is that? Are you sure you understood?”

“Yeah, that’s what he said… And it seems he’s looking for someone. Eh? Where did that handsome guy go?”

Hoshino overheard the girls’ conversation, but the further he went the fainter their voices became until none of their conversation could be heard.

That’s right, that person was Hoshino.

He had been in China for 5 days now. He watched quite a few games and pinpointed the three northeastern region. However, when spectating the matches, he did not discover any signs of Z. Could he have made a mistake?