Chapter 483 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 5

Chapter 483: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 5

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Hoshino narrowed his eyes, but no matter what, he still believed that the sending out of the same post via VIP Weibo accounts was something that Z would do.

Furthermore, he had probed for information from hackers in China. No one had taken responsibility for this incident so far; therefore, they weren’t the ones who did it…

As such, his suspicion intensified. He might be lying to himself or even fantasizing, but this definitely had something to do with Z!

But where was that person? Lin City? Bao City? Jin City? Or… Jiang City?

A province in China could be bigger than the whole of Tokyo, not to mention such a highly populated metropolitan. It was nearly impossible to find someone hidden here.

So far, he only had one clue, that Z might be involved in the esports industry, otherwise, she would not have involved herself in such a matter.

Therefore, he chose not to give up. Perhaps, he should spectate the National League since it was soon. Hoshino looked up at the hazy city.

On the way from the Qin Mansion to the Fu Mansion, Xue Yaoyao didn’t return home directly. Instead, she chose to spend more time with Fu Jiu.

“Highness Jiu, are you really going to wear female clothes? That’s not very good, right?” Xue Yaoyao had good reasons to be worried; after all, Fu Jiu still had secrets that needed to be kept.

Fu Jiu had one hand in her pocket, a smile suffusing her lips as she wore a wicked look. “It is, but since it’s a masquerade party, it wouldn’t be too dangerous. I will inform you when the time comes, and you can cover for me. Lin Feng was right about one thing—the better I disguise the less likely people would recognize me.”

“What do you need from me?” Xue Yaoyao asked nervously.

Fu Jiu stroked her jaw and made a terse sound. “Try to your best to divert attention from me. Bring someone who’s about the same size as me might help me out.”

“Aren’t we going together?” Xue Yaoyao was confused. “Will I be able to help you this way?” How can I cover you if we are so far away?

Fu Jiu smiled lightly, her eyes twinkling as she said slowly, as though this wasn’t the first time she was experiencing this, “No. When it comes to disguises, we must use their preconceived notions as an angle of attack. People from our team would believe that we would go together. After all, it’s my first time dressing up as a woman. No man will act naturally the first time they do so. They will definitely need a partner with them. Back then, Lin Feng was likely recognized because Yun Hu was around him everywhere he went. Therefore, we should enter separately at different times. The person you bring will definitely receive some scrutiny for a period of time.”

Xue Yaoyao wasn’t sure if she was hallucinating. Whenever Fu Jiu talked about disguise, the youngster in the dark looked like vampire royalty who had just woken up from a long dead slumber, so mysterious and lethal with her beautiful and fair side profile. Her body even seemed to carry a darkness that would draw in people, as if… this was how the youngster was all along.

Instead, the usual her had hidden too many things.

Why would she feel this way?

Xue Yaoyao looked at Fu Jiu in a daze, unsure what she could say.

The youngster noticed her gaze and cocked her head. Like a warm, spring-like smile, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Xue Yaoyao thought to herself that she must have seen wrong. How could a warm person like Highness Jiu belong to the darkness…