Chapter 484 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 6

Chapter 484: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 6

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But there was one oddity.

Highness Jiu appeared to be adept at disguising.

She could even guess what others were thinking.

She was way too smart…

Were all hackers this smart?

Fu Jiu realized that Yaoyao was puzzled, but she didn’t plan on explaining. Based on the time, after the National League was over, the Fu Corporation would have a shareholder change. Once she was done with those matters, she would definitely return to the States. It was better not for anyone to not know about her past…

Fu Jiu wasn’t sure if it was because of the figure that she thought she saw earlier today, but her mind was occupied with many things of her past. She was different from all the other Supreme Alliance members. She couldn’t support herself with games. She had her beliefs, one that could only be realized and continued as a hacker.

She would leave sooner or later.

Even if she didn’t want to.

She still had things to do, her own things.

Fu Jiu looked at Xue Yaoyao again, reached her hand out and ruffled her head. “Not to worry, it’s just some donning female clothes. It’s not like I’ve never worn them before.”

“Then what about Almighty Qin?” Xue Yaoyao whispered, “I keep having a feeling that Almighty Qin is very observant.”

Fu Jiu thought so too. It was not just a little observant.

“I will find an excuse to head there early tomorrow. As long as you help buy me time, I will post a few pictures in the group chat. It’s safer to not meet in person.”

Fu Jiu was right about that.

Now, the whole team was thinking about how to catch her in women’s clothes.

Lin Feng was the most enthusiastic one. “I’m good at this, you guys are in charge of keeping an eye on Sister Yaoyao. Both of them are close, so they must come together. Sister Yaoyao is easily recognizable, get it?”

“Got it.” The team members were all excited about it.

They looked forward to this segment of the new year’s party every year.

Yun Hu didn’t say anything but he was puzzled. How did Little Spade pick that female clothes stick out of all the sticks?

He took the stick container over from Lin Feng’s table and picked one randomly.

And there were “female clothes” written on it.

The second one he picked was the same.

Yun Hu didn’t pick a the third one, but looked to Lin Feng. “Who gave you this container?” He just didn’t think that Lin Feng was smart enough to design such trick.

As he expected, Lin Feng was still laughing. “What about it? Ah, the bamboo container? Captain gave it to me.”

Yun Hu paused and only two words surfaced in his mind— no wonder.

He looked up at that figure who was smoking.

He saw his Captain unperturbed, as though he didn’t care that his tampering of the bamboo container would be discovered at all.

One had to admit that the Captain was the most shameless when he wanted to be, and this ability would only grow stronger with time.

And then.

Qin Mo walked over and threw a cigarette to Yun Hu casually.

The two of them found a quiet place and starting spewing smoke.

Qin Mo sounded absolutely emotionless. “Don’t tell people about the bamboo container.”

Yun Hu was a man of few words, but this time, he couldn’t hold it anymore, and popped the question. “Captain, were you wanting to see Little Spade in drag?” If this was the case, then Little Spade’s dream of chasing the Almighty was not an impossibility.

“No.” Qin Mo flicked the cigarette butt and said slowly, “I just wanted that fellow to plead for my help.”

Yun Hu: … I misunderstood…