Chapter 485 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 7

Chapter 485: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 7

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Lin Feng was still shouting naively, “Right, I still need to go home to get props for Little Spade, so that he can see the gifts from his predecessor when he wakes up tomorrow.”

New Year’s Masquerade Party.

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Aside from the team members and some online fans, few received the opportunity to attend.

Only a few hard core fans of each member were invited and the Qin Group covered all the expenses.

And the fans would be able to celebrate the new year with their esports idols.

This was always something unique to the Qin Group.

Of course, there were also live streams of this o an online platform.

This was good for Supreme Alliance’s development, and was also a bonus for all the fans. Everyone was happy to be part of it.

The only regrettable thing was that Almighty Qin wouldn’t attend for sure. After all, Qin Mo had lots of business meetings on new year’s eve

But this didn’t stop fans from passionately attending it.

There was still hope for Almighty Qin to be there, and even if he wasn’t there, there would still be Big Spade!

Therefore, the whole Internet was heated, reaching abnormal heights. By midnight, there were more than a million fans enrolled.

But the selection was extremely strict, leaving Manager Feng extremely busy with the selection.

How could Han Susu and company miss such a great opportunity? She threw tons of money in first, but she wasn’t selected for she wasn’t the team’s fan. Finally, she got three tickets from Manager Feng through her elder brother’s connections.

Feng Yi rejected politely at first, but seeing that Han Susu was quite extreme about it, he didn’t want to upset this rich lady for some tickets.

Han Susu was spoiled and she never took rejection well. In her mind, when given enough money, people would agree to whatever she asked and should also like her.

Han Susu was still a student.

There was nothing wrong with being one, but sometimes, she was even more difficult to deal with than an adult.

This was because she could turn into an anti-fan at any moment and not just forget the group.

And a person like Han Susu hadn’t established a complete value system yet.

Feng Yi didn’t say much to her, but told her brother, “Young Master Han, you know very well that this masquerade party is Supreme Alliance’s wish to spend the new year’s with their fans. If possible, please remind your younger sister to remain quiet at the venue.”

Feng Yi was always gentle and polite.

What he said really made her big brother blush red in embarrassment. Recalling what his younger sister had been doing recently, she was indeed a little outrageous. “Don’t worry, I will be there too.”

“Good.” Feng Yi knew not to go overboard for Supreme Alliance couldn’t afford more enemies now.

Han Susu didn’t find realize that there was something wrong herself. Out of the Qin Group’s club, she sneered. “Although the Feng family isn’t bad, they are ultimately businessmen. Brother, why are you so nice to that Feng Yi? He’s just Brother Qin’s employee.”

Han Susu’s brother questioned the existence of a silly sister once again as he took a deep breath. “Susu, if this is what you think, then give me the tickets. It’s best you not attend.”

Han Susu felt aggrieved. “Brother, I was just making a passing remark. Don’t take the tickets back; I’ve already invited my friends and plan on going with Yao Jia and the rest. I told them already, if you take the tickets back, it would be so embarrassing for me, not to mention I’m going to see my male god… Don’t be so mean…”