Chapter 486 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 8

Chapter 486: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 8

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Han Feng knew his sister well. She hated losing face. If she failed to do things that she promised her friends, she would be upset and go to their parents; therefore, he handed the tickets over and said silently solemnly, "If you are going, be good. Don't cause trouble."

"I got it, I got it, I'm only going to see my idol, I don't have time to make trouble." Han Susu's face beamed after receiving the tickets: "And those two friends of mine adore Brother Qin, so there shouldn't be any problems."

Han Feng thought about it carefully. Indeed, it was a masquerade party and everyone would be wearing masks to celebrate new year's eve together. Things would likely be fine at such a festive occasion.

"Alright. I'll have to inform my gals and make sure that they will be looking stunning tomorrow!" Han Susu was ultimately still young, so she had endless energy over such things.

She was the only daughter of the Han family, so she got what she wanted all the time.

Han Feng summoned the bodyguards, and ordered them to protect Susu well tomorrow night.

The night fell deeper.

Fu Jiu threw her bag to the side after getting home and went directly to the basement.

There was a side door. This door appeared in the Fu family only after she was reborn. She had basically built everything herself. Although it took her quite some time, she had a temporary secret chamber at the very least.

There was no handle, so if one wanted to open it, a hidden lamp by the side had to be twisted.

The chamber wasn't huge, but it was well-equipped.

There were three computers in there, all configured with high specification. There was only one keyboard and it was connected to a LCD display.

Aside from these, there was a skateboard resting against the wall, and some caps.

Fu Jiu walked in with one hand in her pocket, as though she had returned home before she tapped the keyboard with her finger.

A letter showed on the screen instantly—Z.

As the display lit up, all the lights in the room lit up, as well.

Only then could a rack be seen right inside.

The rack had all kinds of clothes hanging on it.

Men's wear, women's wear, bottoms and long dresses.

Even cleaner and delivery man uniforms…

"Masquerade party, huh? The black one then."

"Masquerade, huh? The black on then."

The youngster lifted her beautiful eyebrows and hooked the black silk dress out with her finger.

She didn't put it on. Its style couldn't be seen other than its material.

After deciding on what to wear, Fu Jiu bent over and pressed some unknown contraption, causing a wooden board above her to pop open.

It was an adequate sized compartment. Inside, there were more than ten mirrors, sunglasses, regular glasses, and even colored contact lenses.

Apart from those, there were rows of wigs.

The wigs varied in length and color, and all of them were extremely realistic.

How would these be in any normal household?

But Fu Jiu was different…

She was a hacker.

And in essence, she had never really changed.

Her superficial identity as a high school student was at times more of a disguise.

After learning how she needed to deal with Fu Zhongyi and his mistress, she had begun her preparations.

It empowered her with the ability to take action when needed depending on the circumstances.

She just didn't expect that… After her rebirth, the first time she was using these props was for a masquerade party? Fu Jiu laughed to herself and shook her head slightly. That languid look would probably blow the minds of those fangirls due to her handsomeness.

She picked a wig and a bracelet casually and walked out of the chamber with that black dress.

And now, all was set for tomorrow…