Chapter 487 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 9

Chapter 487: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 9

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At 9 o’clock sharp.

Jiang City was still blanketed with layers of haze.

Chen Xiaodong was already shouting downstairs at the Fu Mansion in various styles. “What is this! What are these! Young Master!”

Indeed, that woke Fu Jiu up. She yawned after opening her eyes. Her messy silver hair made her look very sexy. “Huh?”

Chen Xiaodong quickly jolted back to his senses and placed the items in front of his young master, and exhorted her with utmost concern, “Young Master, I have never made comment regarding how you had fun in the past, but today, I need to say something. What’s all these!?”

“I don’t know.” Fu Jiu threw her blanket over her head in a bid to return to sleep.

With extreme anxiety, Chen Xiaodong said, “You are the recipient of these items. I’m so glad I saw this first; what if Madam had seen these? She would be so sad that she raised you into this!”

Fu Jiu kept yawning, switched her position, and successfully blocked out a portion of his screaming.

Chen Xiaodong gave a long sigh, held that cardboard box and sat on the chair beside Fu Jiu. “Young Master, I know that you don’t like my nagging, and I know what you are thinking about now. For Almighty Qin, you even learned how to game. You must really wish that you were a girl so badly, I know how tough things can get for gays, but still, you can’t be like this. Where did you buy such dirty things?”


Fu Jiu finally opened her eyes and reached out, ruffled her silver hair and lifted her eyebrows at Chen Xiaodong. She was quite a beautiful sight to behold as a beautiful youngster trying to wake up. “Bring it over and let me take a look.”

“You want to check the goods?!” Chen Xiaodong puffed angrily and said, “Even though these are well made, we still need to give rate them terribly. Tell me which Taobao shop you bought these from, I will report them!”

Fu Jiu held the side of her side face and said indifferently: “Listen, hand it over.”

Whenever his young master acted like this, Chen Xiaodong’s heart would palpitate. He quickly stretched out his arms and handed the box over.

Fu Jiu frowned as soon as she saw what was in there.

“Young Master…”Chen Xiaodong wanted to continue.

Fu Jiu threw the blanket away and stood up. “Lin Feng bought all of these, I’m only taking receipt for him.”

“Really?” Chen Xiaodong doubted her.

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrows. “Do you want me to call Lin Feng and ask?”

“It has to be real then.” Chen Xiaodong shook his head. “I would never expect Great Lin would have such hobby.”

Fu Jiu smiled faintly. “Keep this to yourself and don’t spread the news.”

“Don’t worry.” Chen Xiaodong tried to hold it in. “I will try my best not to spread it.”

Fu Jiu didn’t believe him one bit. She expected that it wouldn’t take a day before No.1 Middle School’s forum would be filled with Little Dong’s gossip posts.

Therefore, to a certain extend, Fu Jiu did that on purpose. Since Brother Lin wanted to set her up, she had pulled a trick on him. This was her way of showing her gratitude.

“Wait a second!” Chen Xiaodong was very observant. “Young Master, what’s up with that black silk dress on your chair? And the wig…”

Fu Jiu turned over and sighed. “Well, I wasn’t planning to tell you, but…”

A secret!

Chen Xiaodong’s pricked up his ears as he repeated, “I promise I won’t tell!”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu had never been so unprincipled before. “Other than the items you took receipt for, Lin Feng wanted me to get him a dress. Today’s the masquerade party, so you know…”