Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Have A Control On Him When You Need To, Almighty Qin!

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At that very moment, the temperature in the room dropped by several degrees!

The waiters were all staring at the side with stiff fingers. The shock in their eyes was indescribable.

Someone dared to… to position himself against CEO!

And… what did he say?

Pay with his body?!

Please don’t let it be what they were thinking of!

But looking at that Young Master Fu’s attitude, he had indeed said that to the CEO!

It was too hard for their guess not to head in that direction.

Especially those paper-thin pink lips which were only about an inch away from the CEO’s ear.

A bit closer and they would already kiss?

The CEO’s temperament cooled by a lot.

But that Young Master didn’t pay attention to this, and the tear-shaped mole under her eyes brought out a bewitching luster. “What? You don’t want me to pay with my body? Then allow me to kiss you!”

Fu Jiu heartily said that and was about to take immediate action.

Qin Mo’s eyes abruptly turned cold. His hand reached out and clenched her wrist, pressing Fu Jiu on the table. He had a look of impatience, clearly hoping he could strangle Fu Jiu at that very instant.

Then, he took Fu Jiu’s wallet from her school uniform pocket by force and readily threw it into the hands of a waiter. His cold voice sounded like an icy pool in the snow. “Swipe all the cards clean!”

“Yes, Sir.”

At this time, there were no waiters who dared to disobey the commands of Qin Mo. Anyone could see that the image of their CEO, who had always been cold and indifferent, was about to be twisted due to Fu Jiu’s flirtation.

Fu Jiu still wanted to keep some of her wealth, so she attempted to negotiate with Qin Mo, “Do you mind saving me a thousand yuan for my living expenses?”

Qin Mo did not listen to Fu Jiu at all. In that same single gesture, he pressed her back down. Looking down at her, he finally forced himself not to break the guy’s wrist.

Who would’ve thought that this guy would learn to behave?

He maintained that position and looked at him with a smile.

Faint, warm breaths hit the back of his own hands.

He was not sure why, but Qin Mo once again thought that Fu Jiu looked like his cats. Even her hair looked very soft, brushing his palm again and again.

People not in the know would think that this young man was being playful.

In fact, this guy was just pretending.

Even if they were going to game together in the future, he still had to change that flirting disease of his.

Flirting with whomever he saw, where on earth did he learn this from?

Qin Mo narrowed his eyes. He extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray with one hand and pressed Fu Jiu down with great force using the other. He still had that suit jacket on him, and a lock of black hair on his forehead drooped down naturally, making him look extremely manly. And it wasn’t just his posture, but his sharp eyes too.

This Qin Mo could make people’s legs weak by merely looking at them.

No wonder his fans called him Almighty Qin.

Too handsome! Too cool!

It was a pity that Fu Jiu wasn’t in the mood to appreciate a god’s beauty right now. After all, her cards were being swiped clean, and for a hacker who had just saved up a little, it was a pure nightmare.

“CEO Qin.” That waiter ran back with sweat all over his forehead as he raised up both of his hands high. “The bill is 26,580 in total, but Lord Jiu only has 5000 on his card. They’ve all been swiped already.”

Qin Mo curtly acknowledged the waiter’s words.

Fu Jiu thought that was the end of this whole thing.

After all, there was no more money in her card now, so what else did he want?

To her surprise, when she was about to sit up, she heard that man carelessly add, “Put the rest on your Lord Jiu’s tab for later.”