Chapter 490 - Highness Jiu In Female Clothes 12

Chapter 490: Highness Jiu In Female Clothes 12

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Qin Mo knitted his beautiful brows.

Cold, contained, impatient.

The pressure on his chest made breathing difficult for him as he tugged at his tie subconsciously.

As it was closing to the new year, all the big companies were extremely busy.

During the eve of the new year, the typical employee would be on vacation.

But CEOs were usually the busiest with so many business dinners.

The higher the position, the busier they were.

Secretary Liang was worried about his boss being so down, and said instantly, “Boss Qin, you still have a business meeting to catch.”

“Cancel it.”

Two icy words.

Qin Mo reached out and took his coat on the chair back.

Secretary Liang said softly, “We can’t, it’s with the An Family.”

Qin Mo paused and his mood picked up a little. “Grandpa is back?”

“Yes, for the new year, and he is expecting you.”

Many people knew that Qin Mo was a young master from the military compound, but nobody knew that he was the only maternal grandson of the An family.

The An Family controlled lots of economical lifelines at an international level and Grandpa rarely came back.

Qin Mo looked at his phone. “Head out to the Ans.”


Time went by slowly.

Qin Mo received the call from the youngster.

However, the youngster hung up after saying a few lighthearted words.

Qin Mo sat in the back of his Hammer, his eyes emotionless. “Since when you did you get others to pick up the calls for you?”

“Sorry, I was busy just now.” Fu Jiu made a few things up.

Qin Mo laughed lightly, but didn’t sound happy at all. With a pleasant voice, he said, “Busy showering? If you don’t mind showering with people there, then you shower in front of me next time, get it?”

Fu Jiu pictured the scene in her head and said decisively, “I’m actually very conservative.”

“I figured, showing your affection everywhere, conservative indeed.”

Fu Jiu: … The Almighty, shouldn’t we be over this already?

Hearing the pause on the other end of the line, Qin Mo could imagine the youngster’s frustrated face. His cold thin lips warmed up a little, and started on the main topic of the conversation. “I will pick you up around six. I still have things to tend to.”

“Well, if you are busy, there’s no need to pick me up. I can go with Yaoyao.” Fu Jiu sat in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and crossed her long legs casually. With sunlight hitting her face, it was a picturesque scene.

Qin Mo didn’t know that Fu Jiu was already in female clothes, but having heard her words, his eyes turned colder. “Suit yourself.”

After that… Qin Mo hung up.


He did not exactly hang up…

Instead, it should be said that he threw his phone to the side.

The strength he used to do that made quite a loud noise in the car.

Secretary Liang was driving in the front, but he didn’t dare to look back.

Boss Qin was acting rather abnormally…

Fu Jiu looked at her phone and was all confused.

Almighty is angry?

He should be.

Almighty still wanted to pick me up even though he should be extremely busy today.

He did that probably to prevent me from facing the judgment of so many people.

But I rejected him…

Fu Jiu touched her nose bridge.

Almighty being angry was nothing compared to… having the Almighty discover her true identity when he met her.

When that happened, the Almighty’s anger would not be this simple.

“Highness Jiu, my friend is here.” Xue Yaoyao entered the room again. “She’s downstairs.”

Fu Jiu jumped down from the balcony and gave her another dress. “Give her this and dye her hair silver.”