Chapter 491 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 13

Chapter 491: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 13

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At 4 pm.

An Mansion.

In Jiang City where each square inch of land was worth its weight in gold, having an estate with a private swimming pool was unbelievably rare.

There was a big piece of empty land next to the swimming pool and there was a private jet parked there.

There were apparently more English speakers then Chinese speakers here.

The hall looked luxurious with the red carpet that paved the floor.

This place was abnormally quiet.

There wasn’t much going on except for a handful of guests.

It wasn’t that people didn’t want to come, but it was because Grandpa An had already said that it was a family dinner which business had no place in.

Grandpa An was playing chess with his friend by the side of a sandalwood chessboard. His face was really serious, but as soon as Qin Mo walked in, a chuckling smile instantly blossomed across his face.

Everybody knew who it was without looking.

No one else could make Grandpa An so happy except for Qin Mo.

Qin Mo walked over and said with a respectful voice, “Grandpa Yuan, Grandpa Wu.”

The two elders nodded, and one could see the approval in their eyes. “After seeing the all those so-called dragons and phoenixes in the world, this lad is still the most handsome one.”

Grandpa An loved hearing that as he turned to the butler. “Prepare to have dinner served. Make more of the young master’s favorite dishes.”

“Yes, Sir.” The butler had been with the Ans since forever, he used to take care Movie Queen An; therefore, he knew Qin Mo’s palate very well.

Grandpa An turned to make a joke after giving the order: “You only saw the two grandpas, but not your little sister Wu?”

At that moment, the beauty who had slumped on the table raised her head. She was really charming in her police uniform, with delicate cheery lips, fair skin, and bright eyes.

Qin Mo didn’t follow up on Grandpa An’s words and said indifferently, “I can only stay here with you till 6 pm before having to pick someone up.”

Pick someone up?

Grandpa An lifted his eyebrows. How strange, who would be able to labor this grandson of his who had his nose up in the air?

He looked at Secretary Liang who was behind Qin Mo. “Secretary Liang, who is he picking up?”

Secretary Liang respected Grandpa An a lot, so the way he replied was very polite, but with a little difficulty. “It’s… Young Master’s godbrother that he took in recently. He’s also a team member, a good player actually.”

He didn’t say the words “Young Master Fu.”

Even though Grandpa An might not have heard about Fu Jiu, what if he knew a little…

Grandpa An laughed out. “You little punk, other than business, it’s your teammates. How old are you. Do you not know anything about a girlfriend?”

“Wu Zhen is still single, too.” Grandpa Wu said, “You can’t rush such things.”

That beauty stood up upon hearing this. She gave Qin Mo a glance and smiled. “Since Brother Qin is not in a hurry, I’m not either.”

“Yes, yes, yes, ever since you were little you did whatever your Brother Mo chose to do.” Grandpa Wu sighed. “Now, you actually became a policewoman. How can your face bear the sun and the rain?”

Wu Zhen curled her lips, looking cool. “Grandpa, didn’t I say not to compare me with the average girl?”

“Look, she doesn’t even care!” Grandpa Wu didn’t know what to do with her, but there was pride in his eyes.

Grandpa An said, “That’s how one should be like. But Zhen’er, don’t risk your life if there’s danger.”

“Okay, okay. Grandpas, you guys continue, I need to consult something with Brother Mo on a case.” Wu Zhen turned to looked at Qin Mo with her sparkling eyes…