Chapter 492 - Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 14

Chapter 492: Fu Jiu In Female Clothes 14

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She must have an ulterior motive.

That was Secretary Liang’s first reaction.

And Boss wouldn’t be able to reject her with all the elders present…

However, Secretary Liang wasn’t sure either.

“I swore not to work on any case ever again.” Qin Mo’s voice wasn’t staid, but it was enough for everyone to hear him clearly.

Wu Zhen paused and laughed out. “Then I will ask you when you want to work on a case again.”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything.

However, Wu Zhen seemed to discover something. “Brother Mo, why is your phone’s screen cracked?”

Secretary Liang thought to himself, Well, he broke it in the car when throwing it.

“My hand slipped and dropped it.” Qin Mo turned his head, clearly uninterested in carrying on the conversation.

Wu Zhen pulled up a chair and sat next to him, watching him with her smiley eyes.

For some unknown reason, Secretary Liang felt her actions similar to what Young Master Jiu would do.

“I heard about the Qin Group’s masquerade party today, I haven’t attended such an event in a while. Can you give me a ticket, Brother Mo?”

Qin Mo didn’t say anything.

Grandpa An laughed. “Of course, you don’t need this punk to bring you. Mr. Liang can take you.”

Suddenly, three gazes landed on Secretary Liang.

He shot a glance at his CEO who was drinking tea with his head down as if it had nothing to do with him.

All he could do was bite the bullet and say, “Yes, Sir.”

Grandpa An is likely trying to make Boss Qin and Miss Wu an item. This is an arranged date in disguise…

Qin Mo stood up upon hearing that and placed the ceramic tea cup down. “I still have a meeting. Clearly, today isn’t suited for me to stay for long. Grandpa, I will visit you tomorrow again.”

Grandpa An could read between the lines. He knew his grandson always had his own opinions.

He even believed that the punk had something for Zhen’er.

After all, she enjoyed following him everywhere and even a rock would be moved.

But why couldn’t he feel a bit of warmth from his grandson?

Wu Zhen’s eyes dimmed after hearing Qin Mo’s words. Moments later, she laughed out.

For this man…

She fell in love with the career as a policewoman.

She wasn’t afraid of about hardships or exhaustion.

Therefore, nothing else really mattered.

But there was one thing she just couldn’t give up on—the man had to be hers.

Wu Zhen laughed wildly and turned back to Secretary Liang. “I will go get dressed. When the time comes, I’ll be counting on you, Mr. Liang.”

“But…” Secretary Liang sized up the look on his CEO’s face as he said two words with great difficulty, “No problem.”

After they exited the An Mansion.

Secretary Liang tried his best to explain, “Boss Qin, I had to say yes in that situation.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Qin Mo sounded indifferent. “Let her go if she wants to.”

Secretary Liang was relieved hearing that. Only then did he realize how calm and silent his young master was today. It was especially when he looked outside the window, it seemed like something was constantly on his mind.

And he also knew that it had everything to do with that Young Master Jiu.

Jiang City’s traffic began to peak starting from 5 pm.

After they got on the highway, Secretary Liang turned his head and said, “Young Master, the business dinner tonight…”

“Prepare some clothes for the masquerade party.” Qin Mo’s emotionless voice interrupted him. “Order a green female military uniform and send it to Fu Mansion.”

No matter how heartless he was.

He didn’t wish his god brother would do things he didn’t like in public.

A female military uniform had pants at least.


Secretary Liang was always efficient with tasks.

Within half an hour, someone had delivered the uniform to Fu Mansion.

But the news that came back to them was that Fu Jiu had already left…