Chapter 495 - Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 17

Chapter 495: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 17

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The night continued as the lights of the party poured down.

Fu Jiu just sat there languidly, holding a tall cup in hand, gently swirling them, with a light smile across the corner of her lips.

She had mentioned in the past how much she enjoyed a feeling like this.

She found it very interesting to hide amidst the crowd, watching others seek her out.

However, back then, she was hiding from the police.

But today, it seemed like she didn’t need to hide.

It was because she had already seen Lin Feng walk towards Yaoyao.

And indeed, Lin Feng was walking towards Xue Yaoyao, feeling that he had excellent eyesight to be able to recognize her instantly!


When he said this sentence, Xue Yaoyao looked up subconsciously.

Fu Jiu held the side of her face, watching from a dark spot. Her beautiful eyebrows raised with the intent of teaching Yaoyao not to immediately react upon having her name called.

“Hey, I found you! ” Lin Feng dragged Yun Hu, and strode to the table.

After sweeping past Xue Yaoyao’s body, he bent down and cast his gaze on the person sitting next to Xue Yaoyao. She had messy silver hair and wore a pure black coat.

“Hmm…” Lin Feng drew close, and continued to study her. This is indeed the style Little Spade likes!

Just as he was trying to point at her, there was an intense commotion sounding.

No, it shouldn’t be called a commotion.

It was a solid gasp.

If the appearance of Fu Jiu just now was amazing, the arrival of this person nearly stunned all those present.

There were quite a number of people who dressed as royal vampires at the masquerade party.

But the only one who could look as cold and ascetic as a devil was him—Qin Mo!

When the name surfaced in their minds, it wasn’t only the fans—even the girls who had tried their best to obtain tickets screamed.

Fu Jiu also looked towards the entrance.

She saw a man standing with his long, slender legs, looking as casual and elegant as usual.

He was dressed in a white shirt and had a black cape, with stiff boots at his feet.

Even the fine silvery silk on the collar was unexpectedly eclipsed by his handsome fair face.

He even also wore a pair of pure black gloves in his hands, which seemed to be customized for him, wrapped his long fingers and looked more and more beautiful.

There was also a blood-red gemstone ring on his ring finger, as if to symbolize his status as a vampire aristocrat, and there were silver floral patterns on his black sleeve.

Dark magnificence filled every nook and cranny.

When he turned his body, his nose was straight and chiseled.

Small diamonds dotted the platinum mask on his face, and his pure black hair fell across his forehead, making him look devilishly-charming.

The young girls could no longer control their violent heart beats, and had already begun screaming.

“Almighty Qin!”

“Almighty Qin!”

“Almighty Qin!”

Upon hearing the voices, other than thought of carrying the Almighty home, she also had the thought that it truly wasn’t easy for the Almighty to have that dazzling aura.

On careful thought, there was no difference between wearing a mask or not for the Almighty, much less the joy in participating in a masquerade party.

With such tall and slender body and a domineering aura, he would be recognized, as soon as he appeared,

As Fu Jiu was thinking over this, she saw the man’s graceful back that resembled a mountain pause. It was as if he was aware of her gaze.

His handsome face slightly turned as he planned to cast his gaze over…