Chapter 496 - Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 18

Chapter 496: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 18

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If it wasn’t for Lin Feng’s outstretched arm, Fu Jiu would have been seen by Qin Mo.

“Captain, here! We are here!” Lin Feng’s voice was very recognizable at certain points in time.

Only when Qin Mo heard that voice did he turn his deep gaze away.

Never had Fu Jiu ever been so grateful to Lin Feng’s wild swinging of his arms.

It had to be said that the Almighty’s alertness was really high. All she did was take a photo to garner his notice.

Luckily, apart from Yaoyao as the external help, there’s still Brother Lin…

Actually, the reason why Qin Mo moved his gaze away was not because of Lin Feng. It was because… he had also seen something from Xue Yaoyao.

Lin Feng was still agitated as he hurriedly took a step forward to share his achievements. “Look, Captain. I’ve found Little Spade.”

Qin Mo maintained his standing pose without sitting. Instead, he suddenly bent his back, left hand supporting the table. In that tiny space, he inched towards Xue Yaoyao’s friend.

The face of that girl immediately turned red. Even with a mask between them, it was obvious how nervous her heart beat was.

After all when Yaoyao invited her over, she had never mentioned the possibility of meeting Almighty Qin.

And Almighty Qin was really far more handsome than he was on TV.

Especially in such a getup…

Without realizing it, there was infatuation in that girl’s eyes.

She yearned for the man to come closer, even closer!

However, at that moment, Qin Mo retracted his arm suddenly. Standing up again, he said with a faint voice, “It’s not that fellow.”

“He’s not Little Spade?” Lin Feng couldn’t believe it. “It’s impossible. Captain, look at this guy’s silver hair and coat!”

Qin Mo swept his gaze at the girl again. “Yes, it’s that fellow’s clothes, but she isn’t him.”

It dealt Lin Feng a blow as he turned dumbfounded. “But Yaoyao is obviously here obviously, plus this person’s shape…”

“It’s a deliberate hoax.” Qin Mo took a glass of red wine and downed it with his head raised. There was an imperceptible smile by the corner of his lips.

Lin Feng fished out his mobile phone and looked at that photo posted on their WeChat group. “But there’s no mistake. Little Spade is definitely here. Otherwise, how is he able to take a photo here? Furthermore, it’s a photo of you, Captain…”

“Me?” Qin Mo had smashed his mobile phone’s screen, so he had not been able to read the messages on the WeChat group. When he heard Lin Feng, he reached out and grabbed his mobile phone. Looking at his photo, his eyes darkened slightly. “Such an angle can’t be taken from here.”

“Really?” Lin Feng failed to figure out anything from the photo despite looking at it all day. How did the Captain know even things like this?

Qin Mo didn’t return the mobile phone to him. Instead, he said one sentence with light voice, “If I were you, I would ask Xue Yaoyao. Perhaps, you might be able to grill something out of her..”

“Good idea!”

Lin Feng’s eyes brightened.

Unbeknown to him, it was an excuse the Captain had used to take away his mobile phone.

In such a situation, Xue Yaoyao definitely wouldn’t divulge any information on Fu Jiu’s female clothes.

Lin Feng would only be doing so in vain.

After Qin Mo sent him away, Qin Mo walked halfway across the ballroom, and stood there in the middle.

It appeared as though he was using his eyes to measure something.

Like the distance and angle of the photograph taken…