Chapter 497 - Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 19

Chapter 497: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 19

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The way he took in everything with red wine in hand without moving his gaze made him look like the devil.

Does that fellow want to play a cat and mouse game?

Qin Mo compared the photo on the mobile phone with his surroundings.

His noble-like gestures garnered quite a lot of attention.

Han Susu came over directly with others, looking overjoyed. She reached out her hand to take off her mask and said smilingly, “Brother Mo, it’s me, Susu.”

Qin Mo deepened his eyes because he was interrupted.

Han Susu was only capable at reading facial expressions and nothing else. She reached out her hand and pushed her friend forward. “This is Yao Jia. I didn’t get the chance to introducer her previously. She’s your fan.”

Yao Jia’s face turned red and reached out her hands in a bid to greet Qin Mo. However, all she saw was the man put away the mobile phone and say with cold voice, “I’m busy.”

Only three words, nothing else. This left Yao Jia’s hand frozen in midair.

But she was embarrassed only for a moment before she retracted her hand. However, she felt gloomy.

She had seen Almighty Qin making his way to Xue Yaoyao and saw that he did have such attitude. Even though Xue Yaoyao was part of Supreme Alliance, was she the same? She was his fan.

Almighty Qin really doesn’t know how to cherish fans like her.

But Yao Jia didn’t further.

Xue Yaoyao—the fat pig—was the last person she and Han Susu wanted to see.

And one other person…

The woman who sat in the corner not far away. She had stolen their limelight.

“Everything just isn’t going well today!” After returning to their seats, Yao Jia complained vehemently, “Like a fat pig isn’t enough. I even got snubbed.”

Han Susu , however, held her mobile phone. After she sent out a few words, her eyes brightened. “Don’t be unhappy. Let me tell you something. Later a good sister of mine will come. When she’s here, everyone will have to stand aside.”

“Which sister?” Yao Jia knew that with Han Susu’s background, her friends around were either rich or noble.

Han Susu leaned over and whispered a name into her ears.

“What did you say, Wu…”

Han Susu put her hand over Yao Jia’s mouth. “Keep your voice down.”

“The only young mistress of the Wu family?” Yao Jia couldn’t calm herself down. “I had seen her wearing the police uniform. She was gorgeous. She’s my goddess.”

Han Susu smiled. “She will come later. When that happens, no one could steal the show in our circle. Besides, the relationship between the Wu family and Qin family have always been good.”

“So do you mean that the Qin family and Wu family are intending to…” Yao Jia made a guess.

Han Susu pretended not to care and said, “It hasn’t been confirmed yet. But you know that the relationship between Sister Wu and Brother Qin has always been good. You know what I’m talking about.”

Yao Jia nodded, though she found it a pity that Almighty Qin likely belonged to someone else.

In contrast, she now preferred to garner the attention of others.

After all, more than eight people had invited that woman to a dance since she arrived.

Even that fat pig, Xue Yaoyao, had some stroke of luck and was invited once too.

But no one was interested in them.

For Yao Jia and Han Susu, it was undoubtedly a smack in their faces.

Therefore, they needed to regain their dignity!

But at this moment, Qin Mo, who was standing right in front of them, suddenly stopped in his footsteps and took a look at the photo again. Comparing the angle, he found that pair of deep, black eyes could not have its resplendent glows blocked by that mask.

Found you…