Chapter 498 - Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 20

Chapter 498: Fu Jiu in Female Clothes 20

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Fu Jiu had yet to realize that the picture she had sent in the group would reveal her whereabouts.

After all, according to the rules, she had to send three pictures to prove that she had been present in female clothes.

And one of them had to be sent after midnight with her face on camera.

So Fu Jiu was quite serious when it came to completing the task.

After she took the first picture, she began thinking about how she should take the second one.

Meanwhile, she was also wary of Qin Mo who was swirling his wine glass amongst the crowd.

But when the man suddenly turned his head and cast his gaze over without warning, Fu Jiu took a step back. With it so dark, Almighty Qin likely can’t find me.

However, that man approached her with each step he took.

She was in the dark while the Almighty was in the light.

She could clearly see the fragmented stones that dotted his platinum mask.

And she could even see a ghostly smile in his slightly raised mouth.

It was indistinct but it also restrained the heart. It felt like she had been locked on.

At that moment, it was as if the dance music around her had been muted.

When such deep eyes fell on Fu Jiu, she even had the delusion that she couldn’t breathe anymore.

Did the Almighty recognize her?


She was half in the dark now.

It’s unlikely he can recognize me.

But how does this explain the approach of that tall and slender figure?

He was so close that she could even see the silver floral patterns on his cuffs as well as his custom-made black gloves.

It was impossible to run now.

Could it be that she had really been recognized…

Fu Jiu didn’t move, continuing to lounge on the sofa with her long legs slightly exposed while she was covered in smoke and mist. She was as still as she could be.

Even though there were a myriad of thoughts running through her mind, the expression on her face was still languid and charming. It did not show any signs of panic.

She even picked up her glass and slightly took a sip of the red wine. Since she had decided to take a gamble, she was keeping her act all the way to the end.

They gap between them was narrowing.

Fu Jiu had the nagging feeling of being back at Fifth Avenue.

Being caught by the same person was her biggest weakness since she entered the industry!

As the man approached, his rich aura came wafting over. It had an unprecedented possessive vibe which felt like it could swallow a person whole.

Under the light, the man’s eyes were shattered stars.

It was as if nothing could escape from him.

At last he came up to her.

At this time, Qin Mo also clearly saw the person sitting in the dark.

No, the first thing he saw would be her slender, long legs. They were very beautiful and milky white, looking even more delicate in the dark.

Especially with her wearing a pure black gauze dress, it accentuated her legs’ length and slenderness.

There was also a red rose at her ankle, which seemed as if it had just bloomed, so delicate and tender.

The black dress was not still. With her slight movements, it was even more beautiful than those lights.

Her neckline revealed a beautiful and exquisite collarbone. While below the collarbone was a lady’s fine cleavage.

From this angle, Qin Mo’s eyes turned darker.

When he looked up, he saw her eyes. It was clear black and even looked shimmering.


When this word flashed through Qin Mo’s mind, it was but a fleeting moment.

His fingers clenched as all the blood in the body heated up.

Qin Mo knew very well what kind of reaction it was…