Chapter 499 - Fu Jiu Is Discovered!

Chapter 499: Fu Jiu Is Discovered!

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However, Fu Jiu who was now being watched, could only see those black gemstone-like eyes which were fixed on her like coruscating lights.

People were surprised to see Qin Mo walking over there; therefore, their eyes were full of surprise.

It was especially so for Han Susu and gang because they never expected to see Qin Mo walk towards that woman.

Xue Yaoyao felt like her heart was in her throat when she saw this scene. She could not help but stand up.

The two of them were incredibly close to each other.

One was sitting, the other standing.

Has the Almighty recognized Highness Jiu?

Xue Yaoyao was like an ant on hot bricks.

However, Fu Jiu looked away, as if she didn’t know Qin Mo.

Xue Yaoyao held her breath while watching the two pass each other.

Each second went at extremely slow speeds. It was so slow that even Fu Jiu felt that something bad would happen if this dragged on.

Xue Yaoyao was afraid that Fu Jiu would be identified.

While people broke out into murmurs, she wished that she could have wings which allowed her to fly over.


Qin Mo had no intention to stop. He didn’t even his head. It was as if he had walked over not for anyone, simply because he wanted to go in that direction.

Fu Jiu was about to heave a sigh of relief when his handsome but aloof side profile passed her when a familiar male voice suddenly rang up behind her. “Wait a second.”

Fu Jiu had no choice but to pause.

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes began to quiver.

That man who caused unrest to the people around slowly walked back.

This time, Qin Mo stood right in front of Fu Jiu and examined her for a while before suddenly bending over, his eyes leveled to hers.

That beautiful masked face seemed to be magnified as those dark eyes like the night seemed to cast bewitching spells.

His presence was too pressuring.

Even with the mask on, one could sense the man’s aura vividly.

After the distance shrank, the heavy atmosphere lessened drastically.

That light scent of tobacco lingered around her nose. The sudden approach made Fu Jiu instinctively take a step back, but she managed to keep her smile on. “Yes?” The calmer she was, the less likely she would be exposed. It was the basic principle of disguise.

Qin Mo still had his back bended and one hand in his pocket. He laughed, looking polite but indifferent. “Sorry, wrong person.”

After saying those words, Qin Mo straightened his back and as though he had recognized the wrong person, he walked back in the original direction he came from without looking back.

Finally, Fu Jiu could really heave a sigh of relief.

She saw Xue Yaoyao looking at her and gave her a soothing smile.

That was so close.

Fortunately, she was experienced enough to deal with it.

But she couldn’t stay any longer.

The Almighty was too observant.

The Almighty still found her familiar with all the make-up and disguises?

It was a challenge to her battle plan, and she planned on employing guerrilla tactics.

She had to leave at midnight after taking the picture.

There was another thirty minutes to midnight.

Fu Jiu looked at the clock hanging in the middle of the hotel before walking to another corner to take a second photo.

As she sent the picture to the group chat, our dear Fu Jiu had no idea that…

… Almighty Qin had her every move in his eyes.

It was through the hotel’s surveillance room.

He had left to come to this place.

In the control room, the guard was standing aside and asking the man politely, “CEO Qin, are we just looking at this lady?”

“Yes.” Qin Mo leaned on the wall, with a cup of wine still in his hand. His gaze was fixated on the screen, after comparing the scene with the picture on his phone, a light arc appeared across the corner of his mouth…