Chapter 5 - Keeping a School Male God?

Chapter 5: Keeping a School Male God?

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“Young Master, are you alright? Young Master?”

Just as Fu Jiu arrived downstairs, she saw her little butler Chen Xiaodong chasing after her breathlessly. The anxiety in his eyes was obvious and sincere.

“Are you hurt? Did Huo Siyu, did it happen again…”

Fu Jiu didn’t let him finish and said, “I hit them back.”

“What?!” Chen Xiaodong thought his ears were muffled after running all the way here, so he asked with difficulty, “Young, Young Master, you didn’t get beaten up?”

Fu Jiu lifted her eyebrow.”Do I really look like someone who was beaten up?”

But the thing is, you were beaten up!

Chen Xiaodong murmured inwardly. He noticed that his young master had been different ever since he woke up.

First was his temperament—super attractive. Of course, not to Huo Siyu and her gang…

“Did you see Young Master Qin just now?” Chen Xiaodong asked cautiously.

Fu Jiu lazily stretched her waist. “No.”

“Thank goodness!” Chen Xiaodong took a deep breath.

Fu Jiu was confused. Why did all these people act like she would do something to Young Master Qin once she saw him? “So what if I did meet him?”

“I fear that you will hold onto his leg and not let go.” Chen Xiaodong looked at Fu Jiu morosely after speaking. “Young Master, did you forget what you did previously?”

It would have been okay if Chen Xiaodong did not bring it up. With his reminder, all the embarrassing memories rushed up to Fu Jiu’s mind.

Apparently, it had happened in this very canteen.

She fell in love with the back of Almighty Qin at first sight.

Then… she said she would make him her gigolo!!!

Fu Jiu wasn’t someone who became embarrassed easily, but now she wanted to cover her face up.

But she was a hacker queen; she needed to prove herself innocent. “The one who spoke about making him a gigolo wasn’t me.”

Chen Xiaodong had an expression that read: “Do you think all the students and teachers in the school are blind or something?”

He made it a point to advise Fu Jiu. “Young Master, listen to me, even if you like boys, it can’t be Young Master Qin. His background is something our Fu family can’t mess with! We are quite a few levels apart!”

“Okay.” Fu Jiu didn’t care.

Chen Xiaodong stopped and looked serious. He wanted to move her with real emotions. “Young Master, can’t you just like girls, please? Boss is already not satisfied with you about this. Not only did he cut off your pocket money, he also left you to your own devices at school. You might not get the company in the future, and it will be given to that pair of siblings being raised outside the family. Aren’t you worried, Young Master? For Madam’s sake, can you just stop liking men?”

Upon hearing that, Fu Jiu halted. A cold glint flashed in her eyes.

All the bad things she had done before were all reported to her father by that brother-sister duo.

At first, Fu Zhongyi was really nice to Fu Jiu. After all, Fu Jiu was his first legitimate “son.”

But later on, he got influenced by gossip and rumors.

Fu Zhongyi began disliking Fu Jiu more and more. When he heard that Fu Jiu might be gay, he almost cut off all of his financial support!

He no longer returned home and coldly put Mrs. Fu, who went through life’s ups and downs with him, aside.

Fu Jiu didn’t give a sh*t about a trashy guy like that at all.

Back then, Fu Zhongyi opened his company using her mother’s money.

Now that he had everything, he kicked away the person who had helped him just like that?

How could such an action be acceptable?

Since she had taken over this body, she would take back what belonged to them!