Chapter 50 - Qin Mo: Let Me Take You Home

Chapter 50: Qin Mo: Let Me Take You Home

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A… tab?!

Nobody ever put their bills on a tab here, especially since people in their age group loved to compare who was richer…

Putting bills on a tab to pay later when going out to eat?

How shabby was this?

COCO bit his finger with his head down.

CEO was really scheming and evil this time. He was obviously helping Fu Jiu become infamous in their circle.

Later on, no matter where Fu Jiu went, this thing would be brought up.

Fu Jiu didn’t really care about her reputation, but she cared about her money!

“Almighty Qin, didn’t the gay meetup guide tell you that if your gay friend runs out of money, you should pay the rest in full?”

Qin Mo carelessly glanced at her. “That is during a normal meetup, but that doesn’t suit you. In order to stop your ridiculous thoughts about paying with your body, you should pay in full with your money.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

This meal of lobsters was such a loss.

In order to take less damage, Fu Jiu, who originally didn’t want to, decided on the spot to take those two lobsters home instead, even if she had to carry them all the way.

Today was her treat, and she still owed a bill of 30,000 yuan.

But only money was needed to resolve the matter. With this meal, she wouldn’t need to worry about being investigated again.

“Are you going back by yourself, or do you want me to give you a lift?” Qin Mo looked at the young man who was carrying his lobsters. He looked a bit like his own cat when it got drenched in the rain. He knew that this guy had sharp nails even though he was pretending to be poor and destitute. Qin Mo still asked him in a low voice; after all, he still had good manners as a member of the Qin family.

Qin Mo also thought about something else—whether or not this guy would request for anything else in the car.

As long as it was nothing overbearing, he would say yes.

After all, his biggest reason for meeting up with Spade Z was to ask him to join the team.

Fu Jiu wasn’t making it easy for him. She flipped her silver hair and the corners of her mouth curled upwards. “Send me back. I don’t have money for a cab. It’s far from my place, so I can’t skateboard back.”

“Mm.” Qin Mo reached out and opened the car door. He appeared emotionless, but he was still cold, arrogant, and regal.

Now, they finally had the atmosphere of a gay meetup.

Fatty and COCO both thought that this was nothing close to a gay meetup.

It was simply an action movie with daggers flying around!

Fatty was still the one who drove.

There was music playing in the car.

Fu Jiu sat on the left side of Qin Mo. There wasn’t much distance between the two, but they didn’t exchange any words.

COCO wasn’t used to this and opened his mouth, “Fu Jiu, what about your mum’s company? Is it really closing down?”

“Why would it close down?” Fu Jiu directed her eyes away from the night view outside. She had a deep look in her eyes.

COCO licked his lips. “I heard some news about your mum having her contestants poached, and now the company can’t form a team. If your mum doesn’t do anything, your company would be eliminated from the competition. Once the investors withdraw their money, your mum’s company won’t be able to take the hit.”

“It’s true.” Fu Jiu laughed, freezing coldness emerging from the bottom of her eyes. “Who told you that? That Three? Or that Fu family’s illegitimate child? Whoever told you that, my mum’s company will be fine. It’s their companies that will be closing down soon.”

COCO didn’t expect that the free spirit at the hotel just now would exude such strong suppressive pressure.

At this moment, he finally believed that Fu Jiu, the nouveau riche prodigal son, was that Spade Z who had defeated them over and over again online!