Chapter 500 - Lights Out At Midnight, Kiss Time!

Chapter 500: Lights Out At Midnight, Kiss Time!

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When Feng Yi heard that the Almighty had gone to the hotel’s surveillance room, he rushed there, thinking that something serious had happened.

By the time he arrived, Qin Mo was already pushing the door open to leave. He had his black gloves on, looking like a devil’s steward.

Feng Yi smelt danger, but he didn’t know what exactly it was.

He could probe, “Boss Qin, I got a call saying that you wanted the hotel to help you look through the party’s footage. Is it done?”

Qin Mo looked at him without saying anything.

And that look shut Feng Yi up.

He knew that he was not to ask further.

Feng Yi was always a very qualified manager. “Then shall we head back to the party? It’s almost midnight and even if you don’t feel like attending the lights out event, you should at least invite one lady for a dance tonight.”

Feng Yi said that only to change the subject.

Unexpectedly, Qin Mo said in a plain voice, “I will attend.”

“Attending is fine too. A… attend!?”

Feng Yi was utterly shocked, for there was nothing but kissing during the lights out event.

For three years, no matter how many people came, Almighty Qin would never attend the event.

What happened to him this year?!

Feng Yi looked stupefied.

Qin Mo held up his phone which had been synced to the security cameras. A particular someone was munching on French fries, seemingly trying to figure out where to take the last photo.

Even though the resolution wasn’t very high, his basic facial expressions and movements could be seen.

Qin Mo had his eyes peeled onto that particular person on the screen. As he tapped the screen, he said with a smile, “A ballsy kitty.”

Fu Jiu didn’t know that she was under watch all this time.

Who would have expected the Almighty to use the cameras in the surveillance room.

Therefore, people had a good reason to say that all capitalists were evil.

My Jiu is very serious about completing his mission. Furthermore, he’s been charming the entire time, having rejected more than 20 dance invites.

Qin Mo took note of every invite.

If he had not confirmed again with the cameras, Qin Mo wouldn’t have been certain that this lady in a black silk dress with devil ears would be that guy.

He always imagined that no matter how pretty a boy was, he wouldn’t look natural when dressed in female clothes.


Qin Mo went through the pictures of that black swan-like figure on his phone. Thinking of those glimmering, watery eyes in his head, the look in his eyes deepened.

Han Susu couldn’t get overall that had happened and sent a WeChat message with her phone: “Sister Wu, where are you? You might not be aware of it, but Brother Qin walked up to a girl just now! That girl must be brimming with joy. You better come quickly to let her take a look at you and realize how inadequate she is!”

Walked up to a girl?

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes after seeing the text and accelerated. Finally, her car came to an abrupt halt. Without bothering with the guards behind her, she threw the key behind and briskly walked into party.

Wu Zhen looked incredible, and her dress was different from all the other women.

She was in a military uniform, with long leather boots and a leather hat on her head.

Her legs were so straight that it looked even better than a model’s.

That black leather belt on her waist made her look really handsome.

And she was the only one at the party without a mask on.

Therefore the moment she entered, she attracted the attention of all!