Chapter 501 - Lights Out At Midnight 2

Chapter 501: Lights Out At Midnight 2

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“Sister Wu, here, over here!” Han Susu waved at her.

Wu Zhen wore the pride unique to the Wu family on her sleeves as she walked with her chin up. She looked beautiful and after seeing Han Susu, she smiled and walked over.

“Who is that?”

“No idea.”

“Doesn’t look like a fan.”

“Is she that famous Miss Wu?”

“Which Miss Wu?”

“That Wu Corporation, an international conglomerate from our province. That super star you like is from their company.”

“F*ck, this rich?!”

“Honestly, I don’t care where she’s rich or not. I just want to know where my Big Spade is.”

“Me too.” The speaker chuckled. “Perhaps I’m too old for gossip. When I came, Gui Gui promised me a picture of Spade Z in a mask, and up to now, we still don’t know where he is.”

Some Spade fans were like this.

But it didn’t mean that others weren’t attracted by Wu Zhen.

Not only men, women also.

Perhaps some people were like this, always wanted to get close to someone once they learned that they were rich, and being rich made Wu Zhen more appealing in a way.

For instance, she was the only one who attended the ball without a mask on while donning a military uniform.

They would think—”She must think that she looks good, and is deliberately trying to attract the attention of others.”

These girls always picked on people no matter how gorgeous they looked, just like when Fu Jiu showed up.

But Fu Jiu was different from Wu Zhen.

She wasn’t of blue blood like her.

As soon as she sat down, Yao Jia approached her.

Han Susu pricked up her eyebrows. “Sister Wu, do you see that woman in a black silk dress in that corner? She is the one that Brother Qin walked up to.”

Wu Zhen looked up in that direction.

Women tend to be somewhat defensive towards equally pretty women.


Han Susu nodded.

“We shall see.” Wu Zhen laughed, coldly. “He is destined to always be surrounded by girls, I can’t act on it whenever someone beautiful shows up, right? Where is he?”

Han Susu knew very well who she was referring to, and she felt a little peeved when that was mentioned. “Brother Qin didn’t even say hi to us, and disappeared ever since the party started and only spent time with his members.”

Upon hearing that, Wu Zhen laughed again and planned on heading in that direction.

But at that moment, someone came over to invite her for a dance.

Han Susu and company laughed when this happened. It was as they had predicted it.

As soon as Sister Wu came over, she would overshadow that woman of unknown origins easily.

Han Susu saw Wu Zhen turn that person down and lean into towards her ear and whisper, “Who gets the most dance invites will be dancing with Brother Qin, that is the benefit of being a Supreme Alliance fan.”

“Such a great benefit?” Wu Zhen pricked up her eyebrow. “But he doesn’t like dancing.”

Han Susu shrugged. “Brother Qin agreed to this rule when you were away overseas for three years. After all, it was arranged by the company.”

“Got it.” Wu Zhen’s eyes flashed, even though she had danced with Qin Mo before, she definitely wouldn’t give such an opportunity to other women.

Wu Zhen laughed again as soon as she thought about this. “I will go check on him first.”

Wu Zhen headed over to Qin Mo and this movement of hers made the fans follow her over…