Chapter 502 - Lights Out At Midnight 3

Chapter 502: Lights Out At Midnight 3

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There was a smile on Wu Zhen’s face as she sat down next to Qin Mo while ignoring everyone else.

Lin Feng was still looking for traces of Little Spade.

He didn’t expect someone to sit down like this all of a sudden, so he fell into a daze for a moment.

Murmurs began to sound for everyone was curious.

“Miss Wu knows Almighty Qin in person?”

“They look close.”

“Why do I feel I’m heartbroken already?”

“Why so?”

“I’m obviously no match to Miss Wu; how can I not be heartbroken when Qin Mo is with her?”

“You really are…”

Fans basically felt somewhat down, but that didn’t stop them giving their blessings to their idol.

If Almighty Qin really liked her, they would support them silently.

With such a huge commotion, Fu Jiu looked over as well.

After taking a glance, she continued searching for an opportunity to take a photo.

However, she had some ideas.

After all, she had overheard the Almighty’s phone conversation.

So this is the beauty that the Almighty mentioned in Tokyo previously?

With this in mind, Fu Jiu felt that she was being a busybody. She curled her lips and looked at the clock again.

The most important thing was to leave after taking the last photo at midnight.

It wasn’t safe for her to dwell here.

Qin Mo had all her moves in his eyes.

And it was because of this that his eyes gradually chilled.

In contrast, he really didn’t care who was sitting next to him.

From the looks of it, there were times when one might care for others, but it was not necessarily reciprocated.

Wu Zhen sat there, watching Qin Mo ignore her. She pricked up her eyebrows with a smile, looked over to see what he was looking at.

Qin Mo put away his phone before she could see anything, his eyes appearing extremely cold.

Wu Zhen didn’t mind his attitude; instead, she curled her lip and said, ” So I heard that the girl who gets the most dance invites will be dancing with you. You better not reject me when I win.”

Qin Mo tilted his head, drew a cigarette from a packet, and lit it up. “Company arrangement, I won’t refuse.”

“I’m taking your word for it.” Wu Zhen’s smile blossomed more.

Qin Mo sounded indifferent and distant. “Win first.”

“Easy, I have my ways even if I came late.” Wu Zhen walked over to Fu Jiu after that.


She immediately started with a greeting.

And that took Fu Jiu’s attention away from the clock as she turned to look at the person in front of her.

To this very moment, everything Wu Zhen had was earned through her hard work.

After knowing the existence of Qin Mo, she knew what she wanted in life.

She always believed that it was a matter of time before she and Qin Mo became a couple.

Even her trips overseas for special training was also for him.

No woman suited Qin Mo better than her.

Only she had seen how he was when he cracked a case; he was completely different from what he was now.

Wu Zhen knew what kind of women he liked.

Therefore, she did things decisively. She said whatever she wanted to say.

Wu Zhen was the only daughter of the Wu family.

She had never considered that her actions were too sudden.

Plus, the way she talked carried deeper meanings despite her politeness. “I wasn’t here for the first part, and I heard you received the most number of dance invites. If possible, do you mind giving your chance to me? I can pay you back in other ways.”